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2017 Math Pentathlon

Thirty-three fourth and fifth grade Princeton Polygon Penguins from Evendale, Glendale, Heritage Hill, Sharonville, Springdale, and Stewart participated in the Division III National Mathematics Pentathlon in Indianapolis on Saturday, April 8th.  Princeton students earned two perfect-score Hall of Fame gold medals, one gold medal, four silver medals, two bronze medals, and four honorable mention awards at the five-game tournament.  The games develop fluency in computational, spatial, and logical reasoning, and the tournament builds character, self-esteem, integrity, and good sportsmanship.  Princeton pentathletes have attended the Mathematics Pentathlon Tournament every year since 2006, when the team name, Polygon Penguins, was selected by students from Stewart Elementary. A special thank you to our gifted instructors Ms. Boyer-Rickerd, Mr. Coleman, and Ms. George for their continued support.


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