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 The Princeton City School District unveiled a new three-year plan highlighting its vision, mission and guiding principles going forward. The district worked with Battelle for Kids, an organization dedicated to moving education forward, along with members of the community to establish the plan and presented it to the community before adoption by the Board of Education on Monday, October 24.


The result of the work to put together this plan is a bold vision for the future: The Princeton City School District will be nationally recognized for fostering innovative teaching and learning practices and instilling a passion for lifelong learning in all students.


The mission is to “empower each student for college, career, and life success."


“We want to see Princeton students affected by their Princeton education throughout their lives,” Superintendent Thomas Tucker said. “The result of their time with us should be a foundation for everything they will encounter the rest of their lives.”


The impetus for the plan began with a set of goals Tucker and the Board of Education had for the district beginning prior to the 2015-16 school year.


The student-centered framework ensures every student is reached by having in place five key goals:


Responsibility - Everyone plays a role in each student’s education.
Performance - There will always be high expectations.
Personalization - The district will always celebrate diversity and respect uniqueness.
Safety - Students will have access to safe learning environments.
Communication - All will come together through communication and collaboration.


“Each of these goals incorporates ideas that will work together to make sure we are preparing our students to reach their potential,” said Tucker. “In addition, these goals are not just for the students, and teachers. Everyone in the district—all administrative, certificated and classified staff, parents and family members, along with the Board of Education—share a piece of the puzzle.”


Community engagement was a part of building the structure of the project and will be a large part of enacting the three-year plan. When completed, Princeton City School District will have found a way to reach each student in a way that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities facing them today and tomorrow.


Strategic Plan