• Princeton High School Plan for the 2020-21 School Year

    Parents and families are given the choice of a complete virtual classroom or a weekly traditional classroom setting. Please note that the traditional classroom will be face-to-face with safety protocols in place such as all students and teachers wearing face coverings and distanced at a minimum of 3 feet apart. Utilizing Ohio’s COVID-19 Risk Level Guidance, our district’s zip codes analyzed by local experts will determine if we move from in person to an online format.


    Virtual Classroom Model at Princeton  High School

    Princeton High School teachers will be working together to create a robust, digital curriculum that can be utilized as a source of academic content delivery.  This concept is called a “digitized curriculum model”.  

    • A teacher of record is a teacher within the content assigned to the student.  
    • There will be a  teacher of record for the students within the Virtual Classroom. The teacher of record for the students within the Virtual Classroom will facilitate intervention, grading and refinement, as well as participate in creating or providing some of the digitized curricula in collaboration with teachers in the traditional setting. 
    • In addition, this teacher of record will collaborate with colleagues teaching the same content area in the traditional setting in order to ensure that expectations for learning are consistent.  This format will allow our students within the Virtual Classroom to receive the same quality of instruction as students who choose to attend Princeton High School’s traditional setting.  
    • All students in the Virtual Classroom will be given assessments and be graded according to Princeton High School’s grading policies.  These assessments will mirror the traditional classroom. The administration will work in close concert with teachers to develop a fair but challenging system of assessment. 
    • Virtual Classroom through:  Edgenuity www.edgenuity.com

    Edgenuity is a leading provider of K–12 online curriculum and blended learning solutions. We specialize in online courses, instructional services, and more

    Google Classroom - How to Use Google Classroom / Cómo se usa el Google Classroom


    Traditional Classroom Model at Princeton High School 

    In the traditional classroom model, students receive face-to-face instruction while in school and then engage in individual assignments/enrichment on their own or at home.

    Utilizing Ohio’s COVID-19 Risk Level Guidance for our area, Princeton High School will rely on local public health information, Board of Education, and medical professionals for face-to-face instruction or when we should move to fully remote instruction. The following plan is to provide a rigorous educational experience in the safest way possible for students and staff.

    Princeton COVID-19 Monitoring Team

    •  District membership along with Board of Education, local public health & medical professionals
    • Teachers and staff will be in the building every workday regardless of our status, and in their assigned area throughout the day.
    • Specialized programs or intervention could have in-school possibilities when proper 6-foot distancing can be accomplished, regardless of our area’s public health status. Enhanced PPE will be available and utilized.
    • All students will be given assessments and be graded according to Princeton High School’s grading policies. 


    Princeton High School opening protocols for face-to-face traditional classroom when local experts determine in person is appropriate


    • Administrators will be located at three doors, PHS front entrance, Viking Village & Door 30 (These are the main entry point for students. Administrators will be at these locations at 6:50 am.  Administrators will remind students about social distancing requirements and ensure all students are wearing masks when entering the building.  All students will be provided access to hand sanitizer and a mask if they arrive at school without a face covering. Additional available staff.
    • Students will have access to their first period on or after 7:00 am.
    • The first bell starts at 7:10 am.  
    • Every hallway will be one way in order to ensure the social distancing protocols and the stairwells will have marking devices indicating up and down arrows. Social distancing guidelines will be addressed frequently with students and adjustments will be made if there are any possible issues.
    • Lockers will not be available. Students will be encouraged to carry their materials with them to class. Teachers will be asked to distribute electronic materials and texts when possible in order to alleviate the book load on students’ backs.
    • While administrators and support staff will be in the hallway they will monitor restroom usage and adjust any plan if issues arise.


    • Every classroom will have desks separated at a minimum of 3 feet apart. Every effort will be made to maximize the distance to 6 feet or more if possible. If necessary extra furniture will be removed to allocate this distancing.
    • Every classroom will have hand sanitizer so students and staff have access to this and will be encouraged to utilize this upon entering.
    • All students will wear a mask throughout each bell. Students who refuse not to wear one will be escorted by security personnel to administration & given a choice to adhere to the school safety rules or go to remote learning.
    • Staff will wear a mask and/or a shield depending on their distance from students.
    • Teachers will be encouraged to utilize outdoor space, weather-permitting.


    • Will be grab and go - We suggest if capable for students to bring their lunch


    • Teachers will remind students to maintain social distancing and wear their mask as they leave the building for the day.  
    • Administrators will be visible to ensure all students exit the building unless they are participating in an after school activity. Based on public health, loitering is prohibited. Those waiting for rides or missing a bus must exit the building even if they remain on campus.