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    COMPLETED EVENTS (August 2021):  
    1. Leadership Academy was conducted virtually this summer with Cadets Peter Mick, Lilly Olden, Ivan Sowder, and Trinity Turvey.  All Cadets completd the training, 1 June - 15 August 2021. All training was completed via Google Classroom and ending with a Capstone Community Service Project.
    2. Color Guard presented the colors at the Princeton School District Opending Day Ceremonies on Tuesday, 10 August and the first home varsity football game, 19 August.
    3.Four upperclassment
    FUTURE EVENTS (September 2021):
    1.  NJROTC Leadership Acadamy Graduation to be conducted wia ZOOM at 1700  on 16 September in NJROTC Classrooms. Cadets Peter Mick, Lilly Olden, Ivan Sowder, and Trinity Turvey will recieve their silver chord.
    2. Color guard to present the colors at the Septembe 17 football game and Lincoln Height Labor Day parade, 4 September.
     LINCOLN HEIGHTS LABOR DAY PARADE:  Parents just an fyi.  The Lincoln Heights Labor Day parade is Saturday, 4 September 2021.  This is a mandatory event for all cadets.  Please drop off your cadet at the corner of Leggett and Chicago avenues at 9AM (0900) in Lincoln Height.  All cadets should be in Physical Training uniform (yellow t-shirt and blue Navy shorts).  The parade will begin at 10 AM and will end at approximately 10:45 AM near the old elementary school.  All cadets than shall walk up the hill to the new elementary school where parents will pick up their cadet/s.  This is a school district backed event as we have been in this parade numerous of times.  If your cadet CAN NOT MAKE IT TO THE PARADE, then a hand written excuse not is required to be submitted to the NJROTC instructor no later than Friday, 3 September.  If your son/daughter is not present at the parade and no excuse note is not recieved then your cadet will have earn a zero for a grade than Saturday.  No notes accepted after the fact. 


Russell Brockway
  • Russell Brockway

    Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Senior Naval Science Instructor

    email: rbrockway@vikingmail.org






 Senior Chief Dave McDermott
  • Senior Chief Dave McDermott

    Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Naval Science Instructor

    email: dmcdermott@vikingmail.org