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  • Princeton 2020-21 Letter in SPANISH

    Dear Princeton High School Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! For many, this is a warm welcome back to Princeton High School and for our new Vikings, it begins a new educational journey.  The start of school is always an exciting time filled with meeting new teachers, beginning new classes, and kicking off the new school year. We hope you are excited about our upcoming, unique, and unprecedented school year! I know we can’t wait to see all of our great Vikings again or--for our new students and incoming freshmen--meet them for the first time.


    PHS has adopted a Blended Learning Schedule. What this means is that we will utilize a combination of face to face learning along with a remote learning component. Students will be grouped into Schedule A or Schedule B, based on their last names.  Schedule A Scarlet will include students whose last names begin with A - L and Schedule B Gray will include students whose last names begin with M - Z.  


    The Blended Learning Schedule will have Schedule A (A-L) Scarlet students at school receiving face-to-face instruction during the Schedule A designated week while Schedule B (M-Z) Gray students will be remote learning during that week following their schedule at home. The following week, the schedules will rotate, with Schedule B (M-Z) Gray students at school the entire week receiving face to face instruction while Schedule A (A-L) Scarlet students will be following their schedule at home. This rotating schedule will remain in place until further notice. 


    The following is an example of the blended schedule that will go into effect on Monday, 

    August 24, 2020


    Aug 20  (Thursday)        Schedule A (A-L) ONLY Scarlet Students will attend school for face to face instruction. Schedule B (M-Z)  Gray Students will be at home on Thursday, August 20th.


    Aug 21  (Friday)              Schedule B (M-Z) ONLY Gray Students will attend school for face to face instruction. Schedule A (A-L)  Scarlet Students will be at home on Friday, August 21st.

    Aug 24 - Aug 28 Schedule A (A-L) Scarlet Students will attend school for face to face instruction

    Schedule B (M-Z) Gray Students will be at home for remote learning


    Aug 31 - Sept 4 Schedule B (M-Z) Gray Students will attend school for face to face instruction

    Schedule A (A-L) Scarlet Students will be at home for remote learning

    We know many of you have very valid questions regarding what Princeton High School’s procedures will look like this year. Whether you have questions or not, a Video will be created that will help explain our protocols. We’re asking that you please view this when convenient for you. It contains information on the following items: The Video will be on Princeton’s website on Friday, August 14th

    • Social distancing practices in and around the school setting
    • Building Entry/Exit procedures - Door #30, High School Main Entrance and Viking Village Door #1
    • Classroom protocols and safety/sanitation
    • Hallway/restroom movement
    • Breakfast/Lunch procedures
    • Contact tracing guidelines
    • Academic expectations, schedule, and curriculum delivery (both face-to-face and virtual)
    • Rescheduling classes
    • Quarantining policies - Health Clinic
    • Map of the High School: Map of PHS.pdf
    • Important Dates:  PHS 2020 Important Dates
    • Chromebooks - Students will need to bring their Chromebooks back with them 

    In addition, there are a few important details we would like families to keep in mind:

    -In our new face-to-face bell schedule, Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks with them every day

    -Students and staff will be required to wear a mask or face-covering at all times.

    -Due to health and safety precautions, we will require all students who are not participating in an approved, extracurricular activity to depart campus immediately following the school day. If they are waiting for transportation, they must wait outside the school building.

    -Students choosing not to follow health and safety protocols in the building will be put on remote learning

    - Students will be allowed to carry their belongings from class to class

    - Students should bring their Chromebooks with them to school every day 

    Attached, you will find a document outlining “A day in the life” of both a traditional, face-to-face student experience this year along with the virtual student experience. These include bell schedules for both options.

    Blended Learning Schedule

    Federal, state, and local government response to COVID-19 continues to evolve.  Our School District constantly monitors applicable health guidelines, legal requirements, and other health and education data to make decisions on our plan to safely and effectively educate our students.  Accordingly, this “Day in the Life” plan may continue to change and evolve moving forward. 

    Also, as mentioned in the video, below is the link to the survey to request a course change for students:

    PHS Course Change Request Form

    For a summary of the high school’s plan, Princeton High School's  Summary of High School Plan 2020-21


    Ron Bollmer