• School Closings 

    Due to Weather

    From time to time during the school year, Princeton City Schools may operate remotely or make changes in school schedules and activities. 

    If school is affected due to bad weather, the Princeton City School District may go to a remote learning day or complete school closure. This will be determined on a case-by-case situation.

    District leaders understand that the decision to close schools due to inclement weather or loss of utilities has a significant impact on all families. The following information may help families better understand the process and information used when making the decision:

    • Information on road conditions from the district’s transportation and maintenance staff, and reports shared by municipal and township authorities
    • Amount of accumulated snow and ice
    • Whether precipitation is expected to continue throughout the day
    • Temperature and wind chill
    • Weather predictions from satellite systems, local radar, National Weather and NOAA Weather Radio
    • Storm timing
    • Impact on the bus fleet
    • Building or grounds conditions (such as whether there is electricity and/or heat)

    Students should plan to log into their courses and attend class remotely when the school buildings are closed due to bad weather. Completely remote learners will stay on their regular schedule unless directed otherwise.

    Food Services: 

    Depending on the road conditions, the Princeton Food Services Van will continue the regular schedule to assist families that need food. If this changes, notification will be shared electronically, via emails, website, and social media.

    Innovation Center: 

    Innovation Center students are expected to login and work on their courses from home.  

    Extracurricular Sports Activities: 

    We follow district policies/guidelines for extracurricular activities/sports unless otherwise notified. 


    In an effort to disseminate announcements in a timely and cost-effective manner, the first step in our notification process will be electronic. We will contact all parents and staff using the All Call/ ParentLink system. We will also post the notification on our website - www.princetonschools.net - as well as on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and our Instagram feed. Our local media outlets will also be notified. Once we notify the media, there is usually a 10-15 minute delay before they process and announce the notification, so please make our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram feed and/or the district website your first stop when checking for school closures. 


    1. All Call Phone/Text Notification Via ParentLink: The ParentLink communication system incorporates parent/guardianship contact information that is on file with the Princeton City School District (PCSD). Additional phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses can be added by contacting your child’s school to update your information on file. Parents/ legal guardians are required to update their contact information in Final Forms when it changes. If you desire to receive a text message, please ensure that the school has your cell phone number on file. If you receive the text message and DO NOT want to receive any more from Princeton, you can reply STOP to the message and choose to Opt-Out of all further messages by text. 


    1. District Website: www.princetonschools.net 


    1. Media Alerts: All major media stations will be contacted in the event of a delay and/or closing.