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    Deadlines are soon!
    September 9 - Cameron Impact Scholarship - MERIT scholarships are available to high school seniors that cover the full tuition and ‘qualified educational expenses (as defined by the Internal Revenue Service) at the recipient’s chosen collegiate institution. This scholarship has a limit of 3000 applications. Apply EARLY. If 3000 applications are received before the deadline, the application window will close. 
    September 15 - ExpressVPN Scholarship - $5000 scholarship available to high school, current college, or graduate students who write an essay on a specific topic.
    September 15 - The Gates Scholarship - the full cost of attendance scholarships open to minority high school seniors.
    September 30 - Optimal Scholarships - $2,000 scholarships open to community college students, current college students, graduate students, and those in the military. 
    October 18 - Heisman High School Scholarship - scholarships from $1,000 to $10,000 open to high school seniors who participated in a sport during their high school years.
    October 31 - Coca-Cola Scholarship - $20,000 achievement-based merit scholarship open to high school seniors.