• While most professional development is now virtual, you must still complete the professional leave request form and send the training information with the form.  This enables the secretary to enter the purchase order correctly to pay the registration and helps to avoid miscommunication and errors.  All information should be sent at least three weeks prior to the early bird or registration deadline.
    You will find the professional leave form on the CIA webpage here https://www.princetonschools.net/Page/1281
    All professional leave expenses must be approved by your supervisor and the form should contain the principal/administrator's signature.  The form and PD information may be scanned and emailed to the secretary. To which secretary you will send the information depends on which department is paying for the training.
    The professional leave instructions and guidelines are here https://www.princetonschools.net/Page/420.  It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the process ahead of time.
    If you have any questions, please check with your department secretary.

    Click here to link to the Professional Development Committee

    Viking University 2021 

    See the list below to find information, slide presentations, and links from presenters/classes during Viking U.

    Here are the links to the Viking U sessions for you to review at your convenience:

    Military Family Resources

    Viking University - Earn Graduate Credit

    Capture-Curate-Share Personalized Professional Development (Personalized PD) is about teachers having the autonomy for Self- Directed Professional Growth. This is, again, how you can receive graduate credit for your capturing, curating, and sharing your professional learning experiences by using social media to shout out your personalized PD with others.

    How to get started:

    1. Register for Personalized PD: www.Bitly.com/PPD_1 (depends on the PPD level you registered for last year.   

    2. Original Cost $170.00 - with discount code (LibertyLD) - $125.00 per one-credit hour 

    3  The Personalized PD Experience: 

    4. http://wke.lt/w/s/Gldjn - video on how to capture your PD experience.

    5.  Create a Wakelet account.

    6. Use Twitter, Instagram, Flipgrid,or Wakelet to capture 64 pictures of your instructional practice, breakout session or conference experience. The goal is to capture the great interactions of your learning experience at Viking University..

    7. Submit your Wakelet collections for graduate credit. Click on the "How to" use Wakelet tutorial http://wke.lt/w/s/Jgo8U


    Emmanuel Jal presentation from Viking U

    Key Note Speaker Rubi Ho

    Highlights from a recent keynote presentation for Motivational Monday, hoping it will provide helpful perspective and practical tips for raising above the difficult circumstances we are experiencing, and begin the journey towards a thriving life.
    For more details and practical tips for moving beyond surviving to fully thriving, get my latest book: "The 'Thrival' Guide To Work And Life", available on Amazon and Lulu.com"

    Military Families in Ohio's Schools presentation 

    Here are the links from the Ohio Department of Education.


    Mark Levine of Minds At Peace

    Minds at Peace LLC Telehealth  Mindsatpeace.net


    Empowering Families in Addiction: A free Ebook


    Strengthen your mind, strengthen your world.


    Instagram: MindsatPeaceCincy


    YouTube: Minds at Peace

    This is from the SERS retirement sessions:

    Cameron's email: cvaughn@ohsers.org

    phone number 614-222-5814 

    Click here for the slide presentation

     OTES 2.0 Training

    If you weren’t able to attend the OTES 2.0 presentation at Viking U, you can watch the recording of the afternoon session at this link below:

    Click here for the  presentation

    Click here for the Key Changes in Ohio's Teacher Evaluation System