• In order to keep you abreast of the Princeton High School Navy JROTC program, the February 2020 situation report (SITREP) is submitted as follows:



    1.  25 cadets consisting of 5 teams participated in the Princeton NJROTC in the Secretary of the Navy National Academic exam, 4-11 March 2020. 
    2.  40 cadets and Senior Chief McDermott participated in a field trip to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on Friday, 6 March.


    FUTURE EVENTS (August 2020):

    1. First day of school-20 August 2020 for those cadets who choose to attend school.







    The NJROTC program had a few events that the cadets participated in since the beginning of the school year. The first event was the NS1 Boot Camp which took place 17 August 2019. At the NS1 Boot Camp the new cadets who came got to learn more about the Commanding Officer, Rachel Henry and the Executive Officer, Jonathan Helton. They also learned the Senior Chief's story and then learned some drill movements. The cadets who showed up got their FIRST ribbon for attending the boot camp. The next event was the Lincoln Heights Labor Day parade, which was on 31 August. The whole unit marched until we got to the Lincoln Heights Elementary school. The last event was on 7 September and it was the 21st annual Princeton High School NJROTC field meet. Once again it was an all hands on deck event. We competed in events such as tug-o-war, cornhole, Viking challenge, Senior Chief challenge and etc. The unit took 3 trophies from the field meet, 2nd place Tug-O-War, 2nd place 4 by 4 relay and 2 place cornhole.

                                      Here are some of our units upcoming major events:

                                       Miami University Navy  ROTC visit: 28 September

                                       Greenville Kickball Tournament: 5 October

                                       Homecoming Parade: 9 October

                                       Area 3 Air Rifle Championships: 1 November, 2 November

                                       Hamilton NS1 Drill Meet: 2 November

                                       AMI (Annual Military Inspection): 14 November

                                       NTC Great Lakes, Illinois Trip: 21 November, 22 November

                                      For more upcoming events please check the NJROTC calendar



    On Saturday, September 28th, Princeton High School NJROTC will take 40 cadets to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  The cadets will attend an orientation visit with the Navy ROTC unit on campus.  

    The Princeton NJROTC has also been invited to participate in holding the American flag on the football field of Yeager Stadium prior to the Miami/University of Buffalo football game.


    PHS JROTC   Miami University