• Princeton Innovation Center

    3900 Cottingham Drive   Glasses with computer screen

    Cincinnati, Ohio 45241


    Welcome to the Princeton Innovation Center.  This innovative educational experience is designed to help learners grades 8 through 12 achieve at their highest potential.  Through the use of blended learning, learners combine both face to face instruction and online learning and are able to move at their own pace.  


    Each learner enters the Innovation Center by completing the personalized learning plan.  This individualized plan allows the Innovation Center Staff to work in areas of learner interest when developing and assigning various performance projects and tasks. 


    The Innovation Center also serves as a transition center for incoming EL learners.  Our smaller class sizes help to support and assist in the acquisition of the new language.

    Process for Enrollment

    The enrollment process begins with an interested learner completing an Interest Form which is then submitted to their counselor.  The counselor will work with the learner to determine if they could benefit from attending the Innovation Center. If the counselor is in agreement that this would be a beneficial placement, they will complete a credit check sheet and then submit forms for signature.  The interest form must be signed by a parent/guardian, counselor as well as the building administrator. The completed signed forms are then submitted to the Innovation Center Counselor and Principal for review and evaluation. Once the Innovation Center Team has evaluated the submitted materials and confirms that they can meet the needs of the learner, they will reach out to the parent and arrange a start date.

    Student Centered


    Click here to print the Personalized Learning Plan.

    Click here to print Interest Form.


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