• Behavioral Health Services at Princeton City Schools


    Individual Counseling (IC)

    Counseling services provided individually, based on the specific needs of the student. These services are provided by Camelot Community Care, Lighthouse Youth and Family Services, and Talbert House.


    Group Counseling (GC)

    Prevention or therapy groups provided to students in a group setting, during the school day. These services are provided by Lighthouse Youth and Family Services and Talbert House.


    Community Outreach Prevention and Education (COPE)

    Prevention services on topics including coping skills, anger and conflict management, depression, grief/loss, relationships, mental health education, stress, suicide, and substance use. As appropriate, students receiving COPE services participate in social skills groups to address the above topics. Bilingual Spanish-speaking facilitator available.


    Options Program (OP)

    Outpatient service provided by a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist for substance abuse prevention and education. This service is provided by Talbert House.


    Day Treatment (DT)

    Students attend a half-day structured, goal-oriented program designed to motivate and encourage success by addressing behavioral problems that can potentially result in expulsions or suspensions. There is a high level of collaboration with parents and teachers in teaching children and adolescents basic social skills, effective communication and anger management to help them succeed in the school and community. These services are provided through Camelot Community Care and the Children's Home of Cincinnati.

    Locations and Providers of Services:



    Princeton Community Middle School

    Princeton High School

    IC- Talbert House, Lighthouse

    OP- Talbert House

    DT- Camelot

    IC- Talbert House, Lighthouse

    OP- Talbert House

    DT- Camelot



    Contact Information:

    Tanisha Dixon (Lighthouse Youth Services)


    Vicki Frazier-Fuchs (Talbert House)


    Kelli Knipper (Talbert House)


    Nina Miracle (Camelot Community Care)


    Ashley Taylor (Lighthouse Youth Services)


    Gary Weiler (Talbert House)


    Kimberly Williams (Talbert House)


    Caleb Wood (Talbert House)