• Our Staff

    The Special Education staff members are proud to serve the students and families of the Princeton City School District.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time:


    Theresa Warren, M.Ed.

    Director of Special Education

    Princeton Administration Center

    (513) 864-1038



    Theresa Warren started her educational career in Cleveland Public Schools as a middle school social studies teacher. She received her Master’s in Special Education and then Administrative Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Colorado Denver while working as an intervention specialist for Denver Public Schools. After moving back home to Cincinnati, she served as an inclusive practices instructional coach with Cincinnati Public Schools and a special education coordinator with Princeton City Schools, before being named the Director of Special Education in 2018. 


    As the Director of Special Education, Theresa is responsible for overseeing the special education services and programming for the district. She is committed to empowering staff to make student-centered decisions, while engaging and educating families in the special education process. Her department’s goals include improving academic, social-emotional, and transition outcomes for students with disabilities.


    When Theresa is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Brad, and two sons, Nate and Jake. Most weekends include attending various soccer games, reading, and cooking.



    Janet Lanzarotta

    Executive Assistant

    Princeton Administration Center

    (513) 864-1034 phone     

    (513) 864-1088 fax






    Marianne Freland          

    Special Services/                                          Special Education Secretary

    Princeton Administration Center

    (513) 864-1008 phone     

    (513) 864-1088 fax



    Stacey Powers

    Special Services/                            Special Education Secretary

    Princeton Administration Center

    (513) 864-1035





    Amy Hoerst, M.Ed.

    Special Education Coordinator

    Glendale, Heritage Hill, Sharonville, and Preschool

    (513) 864-1513     




    Sharin Green, Ed.S NCSP

    Special Education Coordinator

    High School, Lincoln Heights,                Springdale, Stewart, Woodlawn

    (513) 864-1009     



    Natalie Musolino, M.Ed

    Special Education Coordinator

    Evendale, Middle School, Scholarship

    (513) 864-1033     





    Jainet M

    Janet Maine

    Parent Mentor

    Princeton Administration Center

    (513) 864-1112