• Parent Mentor

    The Princeton Parent Mentor provides families with information on special education processes, laws, support groups, and resources to help families understand the special education process and become effective partners in their child’s education and development.  

    • Services the Parent Mentor provides include:

      • Helps to educate families to become effective partners in the special education process
      • Information on special education services including assessment, evaluation, the IEP process, transition planning, future planning, parent rights, and special education laws and policies
      • Confidential support for family concerns and questions
      • Attendance at IEP meetings when requested by a parent or team
      • Collaboration with families to understand community and agency programs, services, and supports
      • Assists in connecting parents to resources available including agencies, programs, services, articles, videos, books, etc.
      • Provides an event calendar to inform parents and families of helpful events and workshops in the Cincinnati area

    Contact Janet Maine:

    Phone: (513) 864-1112     Email: jmaine@vikingmail.org

     *Recruitment is open for teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder (grades 9-12 and IQ>70) for our daily living skills intervention research study. As part of the study, families receive a brief updated assessment (i.e., ADOS-2, cognitive testing, Vineland-3). If families are eligible, they will then be randomized to either a daily living skills intervention or the PEERS social skills intervention. Both interventions are 14-weeks long for 90-minutes and there is a parent and a teen component. The intervention is of no cost to families and we are seeing some really positive and exciting results from families who have participated thus far (e.g., getting up on their own and ready for school in the morning, cooking spaghetti and meatballs for their family’s dinner, going on first dates, getting together with a friend at the movies, etc.).  If families are interested or have questions, I am happy to chat with them and we also have 2 CRCs who are available to talk to families, both Carrie Fassler and Meera Patel. Please share with those who may have interest!

    Click here to view/print the informational flyer


    Dr. Woodward, who runs the Transition Clinic in DDBP, and I are collaborating with a group of other healthcare providers on a study regarding planning for the future/long-term care planning in families who have a family member with an intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD).

    We are conducting Focus Groups on October 29 and October 30 at different times. Focus Groups will take an hour. Participants will receive a small honorarium for their participation.

    We are still looking for the following participants 

    -        Parents of teens/young adults with I/DD who are interested in participating in a focus group.

    -        Siblings and other family caregivers of teens/young adults with I/DD who are interested in participating in a focus group.

    -        Teens/young adults with I/DD who can share with us how they plan for their future via a focus group.

    Focus group for parents; siblings/caregivers and self-advocates are individually conducted.

    If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in participating, please share this email and the attached flyer with them.

    Please contact Brittany Spicer (Brittany Spicer | brittany.spicer@cchmc.org | 513-803-5320)  with questions and for eligibility for participation in this study.

    Pathways to Employment

    January 30, 2020 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

    Scarlet Oaks Career Campus

    3254 Kemper Rd

    Cincinnati, OH 

    For more information please contact: Joan Lawerence, Coordinator Intervention & Support Services

    Hamilton County ESC (513) 674-4247