• Mathematics Pentathlon is a time-tested program of interactive games that strengthen basic math concepts and skills, align with National and State Mathematics Standards, and stimulate creative thinking while developing problem-solving skills. At PCMS, this exciting, engaging, effective and nationally recognized STEM program is implemented in an after-school club format. The club, open to all sixth and seventh graders, meets after school most Tuesdays from mid-September through mid-April. Potential members will learn about the meetings via the school announcements. In spring, our school’s Math Pentathletes have the opportunity to compete at the regional level at a tournament held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    This year, nine members of the PCMS Math Pentathlon Club (in its inaugural year!) competed in the Division IV Math Pentathlon Tournament in Indianapolis. ALL of our MATHLETES' accomplishments were quite impressive!

    Special congratulations to Nathan Young, our gold medal winner, Scott Lawson, our silver medal winner, and Braylen Davis, who earned the distinction of Honorable Mention!