Princeton Postpones Ballot Issue, Reassures Community


    (CINCINNATI; June 28, 2019) The Princeton Board of Education announced during a June 28 board meeting that the district will postpone its ballot request for an operating levy until November 2019, citing the need for additional communications with its residents as reasons for the deferment.


    “We have participated in dozens of community conversations, meetings, and events around the community and overwhelmingly we have heard that people need additional information to make an informed decision,” said Tom Burton, superintendent of Princeton City Schools. “We have always been responsive to the community and we will continue to be so.”


    The members of the board explained during the meeting that this change in the schedule does not delay the need. “We simply want to make sure that our community has all of the facts in order to make an informed decision about how serious the situation is that we are facing,” said Mary Cleveland, board president. “We have listened and, by doing so, have conveyed to our residents how important their voices are to the future of our schools.”


    Burton added that since the district first announced in April 2019 it would be on the ballot in August 2019, he has spoken with hundreds of residents about the operating levy, specifically, and how public school funding operates in Ohio, in general.


    The district has cut over $26 million from its budget since 2004 to offset funding reductions from the state and has maintained almost flat revenue even though expenses are increasing as a result of increasing district enrollment. Despite Burton’s efforts to advocate for fair funding in Columbus, the state repeatedly rejects the proposed Fair School Funding Plan set forth by state lawmakers. “We will continue to fight and advocate for what is right and just,” said Burton.


    “Ultimately, it is up to the community to decide what kind of schools it would like to have. At the end of the day, this is about providing our community’s children with the best possible educational experience,” said Cleveland. “We will need an operating levy to protect and preserve the quality of education programs and services that we offer to our students.”


    The Princeton Board of Education is expected to take the first of two necessary votes on July 8, 2019, to place an operating levy on the November 2019 ballot. For more information please visit the Levy Information tab on the website.



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