• Wakelet Collection for Graduate Credit


    Below is a one-page handout about the Wakelet Collection Graduate Credit that will be used again for staff to receive one graduate semester hour credit for the professional learning that will occur throughout the day at Viking University.  I have also attached an image of a QR Code with instructions to help you sign up and examples as well. 


    Using your digital devices such as cell phones, tablets or laptops, you will capture, curate, and share the great teaching and learning occurring at Viking University.  Through the use of social media tools (Twitter, Instagram) you will be able to tell a powerful story about what you are learning throughout the day.  This self-directed professional growth will allow you to share with colleagues, parents, and personal friends.  You will need to tweet or retweet 64 times during Viking University. All tweets must use hashtag #VikingDiff. The cost of one graduate semester hour is $149.00. Once learners register for grad credit and checkout, they can add the code DISCOUNT to reduce the price to $149.00.


    To register for the Personalized Professional Development course, EDU_LLD.1 you can click on the following link: www.Bitly.com/PPD_1 ; then go to EDU_LLD.1. The discount code is DISCOUNT


    The great thing about this credit option is anyone can register and finish by the time the school year closes. It is a totally competency-based and self-paced professional learning opportunity.  Teachers can also capture the Viking Diff experience in their schools/classrooms and also submit for additional graduate credit. Therefore, capturing the Viking learning experience in real-time to share with the greater community is a win-win for everyone.  Because Viking University is a professional learning opportunity for all staff, you can apply for reimbursement for the cost of the course after the PD is complete.  


     Grad Credit Info:  Below is the QR code with instructions on how to capture, curate and share your professional learning. Also provided is the attachment of the one-pager handout with detail instructions as well. Lastly, there is also a short video to help you get started. You can choose whichever one works for you. Dr. Randall Sampson, the founder of Liberty Leadership Development, is doing a session on the Wakelet PD Collection at Viking University.  He would be excited if you registered for his session.  He is also available to answer questions at 3:00 in Room 1320 after his session ends. 



    Here is a short video with instructions on obtaining grad credit.


    Click here to view/print the  one-page handout about the Wakelet Collection Graduate Credit

    If you have questions, don't hesitate to email Nancy Bortle or Mari Phillips

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    Associate Superintendent

    Princeton City School District
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