• Digital Citizenship

    November 10, 2020

    The internet and remote learning have changed the way we learn, interact, and live as human beings.
    But, with great power comes great responsibility, and all of us want to help our kids be responsible digital citizens.
    Digital citizenship isn't just about keeping up with the current trends in technology.
    It's about encouraging our children to evaluate the information they're consuming, communicate with us when there are problems, and navigate the web in a safe, mature manner.
    Please join us for an informative discussion on this topic entitled, "Keep Your Kids Safe Online."
    We'll highlight potentially dangerous social media applications, steps to keep your data protected, and ways to mitigate excessive screen time.
    Plus, we'll share practical resources parents can use to recognize warning signs, foster open dialogue, and set reasonable expectations for their children along the way.

    Distinguished Panelist:

    Tyler Erwin, Assistant Director, C & I - Forward Edge