*Gardening *Coding Camp * STEAM Camp * New ERA 

    CODING Camp -
    This camp is a 5-week teacher-student co-lead course. This camp is made for you if:
    -If you are interested in coding
    -If you are dedicated to learning new skills
    -If you are looking for people who share the same interests as you

    You can bring a friend to join you in creating your own project. This is an opportunity you won't want to miss!! No background knowledge in coding is necessary to be successful. We are also looking for students to help co-lead, which would be a great experience on your resume and college applications.

    STEAM Camp -
    Provides summer enrichment that incorporates fun, engaging, action-driven challenges and activities from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Students will use problem-solving skills, creative expression, technology and the engineering process to solve real-world problems. Sample activities include robotics & programming, teamwork science, and artistic chemistry.

    Gardening Camp-
    This camp is a 5-week summer course that will incorporate aspects of life skills, peer mediation, chess, maintaining a garden, and some of the teachings of Emmanuel Jal, who is a well-known motivational speaker. The camp will challenge and strengthen student physical, mental, and social skills.

    Camp NewERA-
    This is a 5-week summer course similar to D.A.R.E. that is designed to educate students about drugs and addictions. NewEra is a new, improved, and sustainable plan designed to ERadicate Addiction. Through audiovisuals, guided notes, and direct instruction students will gain a thorough understanding of the short-term and long-term health impacts of the most commonly abused substances.

    Once registered: A member from the summer school team will reach out to your child prior to summer camp beginning.

    Questions? Please reach out to Mr. Charlie Newton, Class of 2022 Principal
    (513) 864-1533 cnewton@vikingmail.org

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