• NASA Glenn Research Center is reaching out to administrators, educators, libraries, youth-serving organizations, parents, and students to inform you of two exciting summer opportunities for middle and high school students to explore NASA and STEM careers – Girls in STEM and Aviation Day!


    Girls in STEM – We are currently accepting registrations for the Girls in STEM virtual student event that will be held on July 16. Girls in STEM is open to both girls and boys in grades 6 – 8 and is designed to inspire middle school student interest in STEM fields. The virtual event features women working in STEM fields at NASA Glenn, engaging STEM activities, and tours of NASA Glenn facilities. (Click here for flyer)


    Aviation Day  We are currently accepting registrations for Aviation Day which will be held virtually on August 26. Aviation Day is designed to celebrate advancements in aviation and inspire middle and high school student interest in STEM fields as they relate to aeronautics. The event features NASA scientists and engineers working in aeronautics at NASA Glenn, engaging STEM activities, and tours of NASA Glenn’s facilities. (Click here for flyer)


    High School Capstones – We are also currently accepting applications for High School Capstones which will be held virtually during the 2021-2022 academic year. High School Capstones provide opportunities for students from Ohio high schools to pursue research based upon real NASA science and engineering mission content. High schools can select from five Capstones in the areas of Acoustic Damping, Hydrology, Power Management and Distribution, Remote Sensing of Harmful Algal Blooms, and Simulated Lunar Operations.

    Information about these and other inspiring educational opportunities are available on the NASA Glenn’s STEM Engagement web page.

    If you have any questions please contact us at: GRC-Ed-Opportunities@mail.nasa.gov


    We hope to see your students at NASA STEM engagement opportunities!

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