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    Adding Colleges I’m applying to

    *Before you can begin, make sure College(s) are listed in your “Colleges I’m thinking about” page. (You do this by clicking the ♡ next to the college’s name)

    1. Under “Colleges I’m thinking about” click “+Add Colleges to List”.  These are all of the colleges that you are interested in applying to or may be interested in applying to in the future. 
    2. Click the college you want to add to “Application List” then click the “Move to Application List” 

    screen shot of colleges i'm thinking about screen

    The next screen has a series of drop-down menus.  Choose the appropriate options for your school application. 
    screen shot of matching application and transcript request screen

    Then click “Add and Request Transcripts”. 

    Your transcript could be sent after you’ve applied to the university but you must request your transcript at least 2 weeks before the application deadline to ensure your counselor has enough time to upload the required information to your transcript and application

    Matching Naviance and your Common App

    You can only match your Common App to Naviance once you’ve created a Common App AND you’ve signed the FERPA Waiver on Common App

    1. Under “Colleges I’m applying to” click “Match Accounts”
    2. Read the directions and add the E-mail Address you used for Common App and your Date of Birth

    Requesting Letters of Recommendation


    Make sure to complete the Letter of Recommendation Request Form

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