•   Class Code: t2svgbu
    Make sure to join the Senior Google Classroom to stay up to date on Senior year information such as scholarship opportunities, reminders, etc. 
    Schedules for the 22/23 school year will be mailed prior to school starting
    • TA Requests: Juniors and Seniors in good standing with attendance, behavior and academics are permitted to TA (Teacher Aide). To request to TA, there is a pink form students need to complete. The form can be found in the College and Career Center in front of Mrs. Meyer's desk.
    • Early Release Requests: Seniors in good standing with academics, behavior and attendance are permitted to Early Release 1 bell. To request early release, there is an orange form the student will need to complete. The form can be found in the College and Career Center in front of Mrs. Meyer's desk. 
    • Late Arrival Requests:  Seniors in good standing with academics, behavior and attendance are permitted to request to arrive late 1 bell. To request late arrival, there is a purple form a student will need to complete. The form can be found in the College and Career Center in front of Mrs. Meyer's desk. 
    • Schedule Change Requests: Juniors and Seniors are able to request a schedule change between the first 4 days of the school year. There will be a google form email out on the 1st day of school. This form will be processed in the order it is received by your counselor. Your counselor will email you with a decision. DO NOT email your counselor separately with a request.
    • CCP Course Change Requests - No student will be permitted to add a CCP course once the school year begins. Any requests to drop must be completed within the first 4 days of school via the google form. DO NOT email your counselor separately with a request. 
    All upperclassmen MUST have 5 full bells of classes unless approved for early graduation. 
    • Early Graduation - If you wish to work towards early graduation, you must complete the form below NO LATER THAN AUG 25TH. Completing the form does NOT guarantee you will be able to graduate early, but your counselor will pull you to discuss this request and see if it's a viable option. 

    Graduation Requirements 
    Graduation Cords
    Activity Cord Color Advisor/Contact Criteria to Earn it
    IB Diploma Candidates Black M. Ritzie Full IB Students
    National Honor Society Gold S. Collier Members of Honor Society
    National French Honor Society Red, White, Blue E. Minelli Members of French Honor Society
    National Spanish Honor Society Gold and Red K. Thyberg Members of Spanish Honor Society
    National American Sign Language Honor Society Blue, White, Red T. Daniels Members of American Sign Language Honor Society
    International Thespian Society Blue and Gold M. Fathergill Any INDUCTED Thespian troupe member may wear the honor cords. In order to be inducted as a member of the International Thespian Troupe, the student must obtain 10 points to qualify for membership. Students earn 1 point for about every 10 hours of work dedicated to the theatre in various roles. To obtain 10 points, the student must dedicate about 100 hours. There is a specific point breakdown in the Troupe handbook if you need further information.
    NJROTC Distinguished Grads Blue R. Brockway Successfully complete 4 years of NJROTC
    Tri M Music Honor Society Pink K. Brown The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. Applications are due Dec. 13.
    Vocational National Honor Society Purple and Silver Great Oaks Members of Vocational National Honor Society
    4-year STEAM Graduates Green A. Fields/T. Whitaker *** See below
    Senior Class Officers Silver M. Simons and R. Loveless Class Officers
    College Credit Plus Light Blue Counselors Successfully complete at least 1 CCP course
    National Speech and Debate Assoc Ruby/Gray A. Bates Students must have earned enough points to have gained membership in the National Speech and Debate Association - and must be an active member of the team at the time of graduation.
    Distinguished Science Graduates Green/Purple B. Heckman Must successfully complete 5 years of science courses
    Honors Graduates Purple Counselors Must complete the state requirements for an Honors Diploma.
    DECA Cord Blue/White R. McCowan Students who have completed all 4 years of the business program with 3.5 GPA in business classes.
    Distinguished Social Studies Graduates Blue/White Stripe B. Mullholand Students must successfully complete 5 credits of social studies courses.
    Visual Arts Rainbow L. Holliday Students must complete 4 credits of visual fine arts. One credit must be an AP or IB art class.
    Key Club International White w/ Gold Charm D. Zinnecker Students must be a paid member and complete 50 hours of community service per year for four years


    ***STEAM Cord Requirements        
    To be recognized as a STEAM graduate upon graduation from Princeton High School (and earn a green cord), a student must obtain the following:
    4 credits of math        
    4 credits of science        
    4 credits of technology education
    In addition, STEAM students who graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or greater will be recognized as distinguished STEAM graduates.


    4-year STEAM program

      9th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12th grade
    English STEAM English 9 STEAM English 10    
    Social Studies STEAM World History STEAM US History    
    Science STEAM Physical Science STEAM Biology STEAM Chemistry* Physics
    Science Elective*
    Math STEAM Algebra I STEAM Geometry STEAM Algebra II* STEAM Pre-Calc
    Math Elective*
    Tech Ed/ Engineering STEAM 1 STEAM 2 STEAM 3
    Tech Ed Elective*
    Honors Engineering
    Tech Ed Elective*
    *Students completing years 1 and 2 of STEAM at PHS and years 3 and 4 at Scarlet Oaks will also remain part of the STEAM program.