• AP Psychology Summer Assignment

    Welcome to AP Psychology. Your Summer Assignment requires on-line access and/or library resources. If you cannot access the internet from home, all public libraries in Hamilton County have numerous computers for public use.

    Answer the following questions in short-essay format *** (3-7 sentences, depending on the complexity of the subject) in your own words. There are many online sources you can use; just be sure they are academic/scholarly in nature.

    This assignment may appear overwhelming at first glance, but it is actually fairly easy and brief. The assignment also addresses some of the major researchers, theories and concepts we will study in the coming year, so it will prove useful to you.

    ***This assignment must be handwritten, in pen, and will be due the second day of class. It will be your first test grade.

    I. What is psychology? Elaborate beyond a “textbook” definition.

    II. Identify all 30 of the following important figures in psychology and describe their most significant contributions:

    Albert Bandura

    Harry Harlow

    Abraham Maslow

    Mary Ainsworth

    Carl Rogers

    Alfred Binet

    Howard Gardner

    Elizabeth Loftus

    Erik Erikson

    Noam Chomsky

    Ivan Pavlov

    Solomon Asch

    Sigmund Freud

    Charles Darwin

    William James

    Francis Bacon

    B.F. Skinner

    John Locke

    Jean Piaget

    Max Worthheimer

    Wilhelm Wundt

    Carol Gilligan

    Philip Zimbardo

    George Sperling

    John Watson


    Lawrence Kohlberg


    Stanley Milgrim

    Hubel and Weisel

    III. Describe, Explain, and give an example of the Nature versus Nurture debate.