Board of Education Goals for 2015-2016



    Vision for American Education - The United States will lead the world in equipping its young people with the education they need to succeed and compete in the labor market, reclaim the premier status worldwide for preparing students for life's challenges, improve the quality of early childhood education, support teachers through professional development and mentoring, provide a greater emphasis on authentic assessment, foster support for critical thinking and other 21st century skills, and ensure that every student graduates.


    Vision for Princeton City School District - The Princeton City School District will be nationally recognized for fostering innovative teaching and learning practices and instilling a passion for life-long learning in all students.


    Standard 1: Vision, Continuous Improvement and Focus (All students will master 21st Century Skills and be ready for college and career.)

    • By 2015-16, Princeton Schools will increase the 4-Year graduation rate from 86.4% to 93% and the 5-Year graduation rate from 89.2% to 95%.
    • By 2015-16, Princeton Schools will increase the district's performance index over the 2013-14 measure of 78.9%.
    • By 2015-16, students in grades K-12 will continue to master new learning standards (i.e., Common Core State Standards and revise State Standards) in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies.
    • By 2015-16, Princeton Elementary Schools will increase in K-3 Literacy grade from a C to at least a B ensuring more students are learning to read in kindergarten through third grade.


    Standard 2: Communication and Collaboration

    • By December of 2015, Princeton Schools will conduct a scientifically-based Citizen Satisfaction Survey to ascertain the level of satisfaction voters have with our schools and leadership. The results will be presented to the Board, staff and community.
    • By January of 2016, Princeton Schools will conduct a comprehensive communications audit and focus groups to improve internal and external communication. As an outcome, Princeton Schools will create a Communications Committee that will develop actions plans to execute key recommendations.


    Standard 3: Policies and Governance

    • By December of 2015, a three-year plan to update and modernize all Princeton Board of Education Policies.


    Standard 4: Instruction

    • By June 2016, 100% of Princeton teachers will continue to show evidence of formative instructional practices in their classrooms with fidelity.
    • By June of 2016, a master technology plan (three-year plan) will be presented. Critical components will include: developing and implementing an infrastructure which will maximize the effective utilization of all designated technology equipment and tools; identification of the recommended technology equipment, tools and resources which will heighten student utilization of technology as a tool for learning; expand options for student learning in regards to course offerings, flexibility with time, etc.; and provide the resources that support the training/PD to staff to effectively utilize technology as an instructional tool.


    Standard 5: Resources

    • By May 2015, Princeton Schools will have a sufficient cash balance and an updated five year forecast.  Princeton Schools will be managed as to not require an operating levy until 2016-2017. This goal assumes the revenue figures from the May 2015 forecast remain accurate and that current state law with regard to reimbursement of tangible personal property taxes remains in the 2015 and 2017 state budgets.
    • Princeton Schools must examine the cost of the Success for All Literacy Program, MAP, K-5, K-12 Writing Program, and Technology Plan for the current school year and potential future cost. Additional programs, such as offering foreign language at each of our elementary schools and the Aspire College-readiness tool, further complicate our ability to accurately forecast our expenditures in the outlying years.