District Staff Professional Leave

  • Professional Leave Instructions

    1. Complete a Professional Leave Request Form after the leave is approved by your department head, principal and PAC/CO administrator.
    2. Have the principal approve and email the form to the secretary of your PAC/CO administrator.
    3. Enter your leave into AESOP once it has been approved.

    Request forms should be turned in at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of the conference, or prior to the expiration of Early Bird pricing, whichever is earlier.  

    If air travel is required, requests must be entered at least six (6) weeks prior.

    Completing the Professional Leave Request Form.

    • Save a copy of the form to your Google drive. (You will not be given permission to alter the 


    • Enter all anticipated expenses*, both prepaid and those to be reimbursed to you, associated with the leave.  Only expenses listed by you on the form and approved will be paid.  
    • Your leave request must contain the title of the training/conference, dates, costs, and the locationAttach information pertaining to the leave, such as a registration form, flyer or a link to the conference/training website.


    -Registration:  may be prepaid or reimbursed, attendees will register themselves unless prior 

    plans have been made

    -Lodging:  lodging cost will not be paid for dates prior to, or on the final day, of training if training is within 100 miles unless prior approval is obtained

    -Meals:  IRS per diem, see below for breakdown

    if meals are provided by the conference or hotel, no meal reimbursement will be made for that meal;

    meal reimbursement for a one-day conference is limited to lunch only

    -Mileage:  reimbursed at the current IRS rate, ride-sharing is required unless prior approval is    


    -Air Travel:  reimbursed unless prior approval is obtained

    -Miscellaneous:  other expenses may include baggage fees, parking, airport shuttle, etc. All expenses must be relative to the training/conference

    *A purchase order must be in place before any expenses may be incurred.



    All receipts for travel reimbursement must be turned in within two weeks of return.

    Receipts must be original and credit card receipts by themselves are not acceptable. Receipts must be itemized showing what was purchased, where it was purchased, when the purchase was made, the cost of each item, and the total cost.  

    Receipts should be placed into a completed Professional Leave  Reimbursement envelope - employee should keep copies of all receipts - and be turned in to the appropriate PAC department for processing.

    Your reimbursement check will be sent to your building secretary.  Checks are cut on the 10th and 25th of each month. Depending on processing time, you should receive your reimbursement check 2-3 days after the check date.


    If you have any questions about the process, please speak with your school/department secretary.

    Student Services Secretary Janet Lanzarotta at extension 1034, 

    Special Education Secretary Stacey Powers at extension 1035, or 

    Curriculum & Instruction Secretary Nancy Bortle at extension 1068. 

    Per Diem Meal Expense Reimbursement**

    If approved in advance, the following are reimbursable upon submission of an approved professional travel reimbursement form (receipts not required): 

    A.  meals at the Federal IRS published per diem rate for Cincinnati, which will be updated annually. 

    1. The maximum per-day/per-meal allowance/stipend* for overnight travel is below:

          Full Day $74

          Travel Day $55.50

    1. The per meal/per diem rate for non-overnight (within 100 miles) or if meal(s) is included in conference or lodging cost is below:









    1. Official Conference banquets will be reimbursed at actual cost.

    **Per Administrative Guideline ag6550 Travel Payment and Reimbursement