School Bus Safety Rules

    • Wear light colored clothes so the driver can easily see you.
    • Be at your bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
    • Line up quietly at the bus stop, no pushing or yelling.
    • Stay away from the curb or road until the bus stops and the driver signals you to get on. Stay in your “Designated Place of Safety,” assigned by your driver.


    A “Designated Place of Safety” is a location within the assigned Bus Stop 10 feet or more from the bus, and outside of the Danger Zone.   This location is determined and assigned by the driver.


    • If you need to cross the street wait until the driver gives you the signal that it is safe to cross.  ALWAYS cross in front of the bus, NEVER behind the bus.
    • Stay out of the school bus "Danger Zone."   


    The “Danger Zone” is the area 10 feet around all sides of the school bus.


    • Do not eat or drink on the school bus.
    • Obey the bus driver and sit quietly in your seat; no fighting or shouting.
    • Keep the aisle clear; put your belongings into a bookbag and keep the bookbag on your lap.
    • Always sit “Seat on Seat, Back on Back, Feet in front of you.”
    • Never throw anything inside the bus or out of the windows.
    • Don't put any part of your body, (head, hands, arms or legs) out of the windows.
    • If you drop something, NEVER go back near the bus to get it. Tell your driver and wait until you get the signal that all is safe.
    • When your bus approaches a Railroad crossing, always maintain silence before and until the bus has safely crossed the tracks.  The driver needs quiet to listen for any oncoming trains.

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