Transportation Request/Change

  • Transportation is provided for students to and from their place of residence and assigned specific buses, and bus stops.  Students may not change buses or bus stops without prior authorization.  One alternative bus stop may be requested, such as for childcare arrangements; the schedule must be constant from week to week. To make a change that will be in effect for the entire school year, or for a change of address, use the Transportation Request/Change Form [PDF].

    Please be advised that child care providers must be located within the attendance area of the school the student attends.

    Kindergarten and preschool students must be received at the bus stop by a parent or responsible adult. Please make sure your child care providers are made aware of this policy.  We have experienced problems with daycare providers not having students ready when the bus arrives in the morning or not having adults present to receive the students, or they were not able to get into the daycare establishment.  Please be advised that if such problems persist, we will suspend bus service to those providers.   


    Permission to Change Buses or Stops

    Pupils are assigned to ride specific buses and to be picked up or dropped off at specific bus stops.  Students may not change buses or stops without written permission from a parent; upon receipt of the written request by the school administration, the student will be issued a temporary bus pass.


    How Do I Get a Temporary Bus Pass For My Child?

    Write a letter to your school administration including the student’s name, the reason for bus or bus stop change, the day of the change needed, and the location of the temporary location. A letter must be written for each new occurrence.

    The school will then issue a temporary pass, which must be presented to the driver of the bus, for the student to board. 

    This procedure not only prevents overcrowding on Princeton buses but also assures families that youngsters will be home at a regular time and place unless they have requested a change by a written note.

    Permission to change buses or stops will only be granted in special and unusual circumstances, e.g., changes in child-care arrangements.