Bus Stop Appeals

  • Bus stop appeals are made by parents in cases in which the assigned stop poses a safety hazard for the student.  These are typically situations such as limited sight distance for drivers approaching the students, bus stops on a hill, curve, busy street, etc.


    Bus stops are assigned with several criteria in mind:


    1. Bus stops are almost always at a street corner.  These are safer and more accessible to numbers of students than a mid-block bus stop.  Home, or Curb-to-curb, stops are used in cases of a mid-day transport (kindergarten and pre-school aged children) and pre-approved busy streets only.
    2. The bus stop, by Ohio law, must within ½ mile of the student’s residence.
    3. Buses are unable to easily enter dead-end streets or cul de sacs, which creates safety hazards.  Limited exceptions may be made when the student lives more than ½ mile from the nearest through street or when the student is unable to get to the bus stop due to physical disability.
    4. Bus stops are assigned where possible to group students together.  This provides a gathering place for students and also allows parents to share the responsibility of monitoring the bus stop if they choose.
    5. Appeals are accepted in writing during the first two weeks of school at 11786 Highway Dr.,  Cincinnati, OH  45241, Attn: The Transportation Review Board.
    6. Appeals will be recorded and processed as soon as possible and a letter will be sent home with the approval or denial.  Each bus stop being appealed is visited by the Transportation Review Board so the process may take up to 30 days.  Due to this please be patient.
    7. The last day to file an appeal is September 20 of the current school year.

    Please remember that Ohio law requires that parents are responsible for their children until they enter the bus.  Due to the large number of students who ride Princeton buses, we are unable to make bus stop changes to relieve parents of that responsibility.  This means, unfortunately, that we cannot grant appeals simply to allow the parent to monitor the bus stop from inside their home.


    The state sets minimum requirements for school transportation; our hope is to always provide better and more convenient service than the state minimum.  We must balance that with the need to be efficient and safe for all students, and so we appreciate the partnership of parents in making sure that students are at their assigned stop safely and on time.




    Please download the form (bottom of the page), print it, complete and submit it to the Transportation Review at the address below:


    Princeton City Schools
    Transportation Department
    11786 Highway Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45241
    Fax: (513) 554-0640


    Permission to Change Buses or Stops

    Students are assigned to ride specific buses and to be picked up or dropped off at specific bus stops.  Students may not change buses or stops without written permission from a parent; upon receipt of the written request by the school administration, the student will be issued a temporary bus pass.


    How Do I Get a Temporary Bus Pass For My Child?

    Write a letter to your school administration including the student’s name, reason for bus or bus stop change, day of the change needed, and the location for the temporary location. A letter must be written for each new occurrence.


    The school will then issue a temporary pass, which must be presented to the driver of the bus, in order for the student to board. 


    This procedure not only prevents overcrowding on Princeton buses but also assures families that youngsters will be home at a regular time and place unless they have requested a change by a written note.


    Permission to change buses or stops will only be granted in special and unusual circumstances, e.g. changes in child-care arrangements.  Please remember that requests to ride a different bus for social reasons cannot be honored.

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