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  •  Note from the Counselor Department: 

    College Credit Plus 


    CCP Virtual Information Session for the 21-22 school year. 

       - Any student wishing to take a CCP (college course) for the 21-22 school year must watch this video and complete the exit survey with their parent/guardian.

       Exit Survey link
     Accuplacer Testing: Sign up here  
    Testing will take place every Tuesday and Thursday in February. 
           -After school test sessions will start at 12:30 pm in the Viking Room.
           -Test sessions during school will start at 8:45 am in Room 2250.
           -There is no time limit for the test.
           -If you previously passed the test you should not retake it.

    Accuplacer Placement Practice Test:



    Quote of the Week:

    "Be a reflection of what you'd like to receive.  If you want love, give love.  If you want the truth, be truthful.  What you give out will always return."

    ~Author Unknown

     Word of the Week Amicable (ADJ) Agreeable; without contention.

    In a sentence:   “The students had never worked together before, but were amicable when deciding how to complete the project."



    Did you know that American teens are at extremely high risk of depression, anxiety, and self-harm?  Time Magazine recently wrote an article exposing these truths, with suggestions on how to help.  

    In addition to statistics, the author gave five suggestions that family members can consider:

    1. Become aware of your teen's emotional world so that you can understand what their dreams are, what they struggle with, and how their life is going.
    2. Show interest in their life without judgment.
    3. Resist getting angry.  Seek to understand.
    4. Don't put off getting help.  It's better to get help early rather than when trouble has firmly taken hold.
    5. Be open to acknowledging issues...and getting family counseling if needed.

    For more information about the article:  Schrobsdorff, S. (2016, November). The kids are not all right. Time, 188 (19) pp.44-51.


    Are you checking your student's Progress Book regularly?  Having trouble accessing it?  Do you need the registration key? Contact your child's counselor if you need help with Progress Book access.


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