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    Princeton High School offers two advanced studies programs designed to challenge the students with college level content and skills. Both programs are equally challenging. Some students will take only Advanced Placement (AP) courses, sponsored by the CollegeBoard. Some will take only International Baccalaureate (IB) courses sponsored by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Others will take courses in each program. The following information will present an overview of the Advanced Studies programs at Princeton High School and help parents and students make the best choices when scheduling classes.



     Recommended Pathway for AP/IB Courses









    Honors or Gifted English 6

    Honors or Gifted Social Studies 6

    Honors or Gifted Science 6

    Honors or Gifted Math 6

    Honors or Gifted Math 6



    Honors Or Gifted English 7

    Honors or Gifted Social Studies 7

    Hon or Gifted Science 7

    Honors Math 7

    Accer. Math 7/8

    Highly Recommended French or Spanish (1 Semester)


    Honors or Gifted English 8

    Honors or Gifted SS 8

    Honors or Gifted Science 8

    Honors Math 8

    Honors Alg 1*

    French or Spanish*


    Hon. English 1

    Honors American Gov & Econ

    Honors Biology*

    Honors Environmental Science*

    Honors Algebra 1

    Honors Geometry

    French/Spanish 2


    Honors English 2

    AP World History AP Human Geography

    Honors Chemistry and/or Honors Physics

    AP Environmental Science

    Honors Geometry

    Honors Alg 2

    Language 3*


    AP Language & Literature or IB English 11

    AP US History

    AP Government

    AP Psychology

    Honors Economics

    AP Biology

    IB Physics SL

    AP Chemistry

    AP Environmental Science

    Honors Algebra II

    AP PreCalculus,

    AP Statistics,  IB Math SL

    Language 4


    AP Literature & Composition or IB English 12

    Honors Economics

    AP Government

    IB History12 HL/SL

    AP Psychology

    AP Chemistry

    AP Biology

    IB Bio HL 12
    IB Physics SL   

    IB Chemistry SL   (2024-25)     

    AP Enviro. Science

    AP Pre-Calculus,   IB Math SL

    IB Math SL,

    AP Calculus, AP Statistics

    Language 5 - IB Lang B

    • Algebra 1, foreign language, and health is taken in the 8th grade earn high school credit.
    • Honors Biology is a prerequisite for AP Biology and IB Biology.  Students planning on completing for Full IB Diploma are highly encouraged to take Honors Biology instead of Honors Environmental Science.
    • Honors Environmental Science does not meet science prerequisites for other advanced science courses in the junior and senior year.  Honors Biology must be taken in order to fulfill obligations for end of course testing.
    • Honors Physics & Chemistry can also be taken the junior and senior year

    • Honors Electives: Engineering, Anatomy & Physiology, Economics, Psychology II

    • Foreign Language Choices: French, Spanish, & American Sign Language.  Princeton offers five years of French & Spanish.  American Sign Language is offered for two years.  Four additional courses in American Sign Language are offered through the CCP Program.

    • Specific prerequisites for courses are listed in the Polaris, available online.
    • AP, IB, and CCP course offerings are subject to change based on demand and availability.




    Advanced Studies Accomplishments 2021 - 2022

    National Merit Commended Scholars

    Gedeon Kebede

    Nhu Le


    Ohio Seal of Biliteracy

    Demonstrate proficiency in English and another world language

    Yael Aparicio Alvarado Yeimi Bartolon Perez Lorena Tolentino Escalante
    Jossie Vargas Rodolfo Barragan Medina Annette Stricklin



    National African American Recognition Program

    Sponsored by the College Board and is based on performance on the PSAT

    Ariel Stephens Brooke Barry George Nnanyelugo
    Gedeon Kebede Payton Wilson Marie Nzale
    Camryn Chambliss Kindall Benjamin Sydney Johnson


    AP Scholar

    Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

    Elizabeth Burns Raymond Diesman Mariah Ellington
    Abbigail Emery Eric Engel Baneza Escalante
    Madeline Jacobs Nhu Le Leona Messer
    Will Oliver Diya Patel Shania Stone
    Amanda Tulloss Nicolas Walker Madison Wiedemann
    Jonathan Schingledecker    

    AP Scholar with Honor

    Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.

    George Nnanyelugo McKinley Roza Paul Wilson

     AP Scholar with Distinction

    Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.

    Gedeon Kebede David Trinh


    Passed one or more AP Exams

    Jared Alonzo   Bryn Good   Ema Carter
    Jemly Ambrocio    Andralyn Brown    Camryn Chambliss
    Judith Amoah    Baneza Escalante    Mariah Ellington
     Brooke Barry    Alexandra Fite-Clements    Anthony Freson
     Kindall Benjamin    Isabella Gilmore    Ashley Connor
     Jamal Booker    Trevor Ehlerding    Connor Curran
     Maddisyn Johnson   Elizabeth Ehlerding    Gedeon Kebede
     Morrison Roza    De'Auna Brooks    London Dennie
     Marie Nzale    Symone Campbell    Jasmine Dunigan
     Michael Yuwono    Leah Bracknell    Aric Engel
     Gavin Howell    Deacon Horsely    Parker Evans
     McKinley Roza    My'Shawna Jackson    Caleb Fanegan
     Brady Lewis    Ian Stanger    Eileen Fortner
     Kristopher Hucker    David Trinh    Nicolas Walker
     Lara Goodall    Paul Wilson    Izaiah Longstreet
     Elsa Lemus Flores    Jacob Kinney    Miles Lopes
     Amanda Tulloss    Elizabeth Burns    Raymond Diesman
     Abbigail Emery    Abbos Kosimov    John Rhic Lorenzo
     Joel Messer    Devin Long    Anna Jaimes
     Madekine Jacobs    Aiden Kenny    Elizabeth Marcotte
     Nathan Hendrix    Amelia Martin    Leona Messer
     Justine Head    Will Oliver    Diya Patel
     Dillon Pommering    Jonathan Schingledecker    Carly Nagel
     Leslie Lara    Timothy Marksch   Evelyn McDonough
     Madison Wiedemann   Maggie Perkins   Nhu Le
    George Nnanyelugo    Abhi Patel    Emily Johnson
    Jose Galan   Mallory Geen   Jayden Halbert
    Matthew Hardman   Cynthia Ramos   Kaitlin Randolph
    Marcus Redman   Sophia Roberts   Brayan Roblero Lopez
    Allen Roy   Alex Santos-Gomez   Riya Shanker
    Elijah Spence   Emily Steele   Shania Stone
    Blake Verdon   Ryan Benjamin   Nicolas Brandt
    Ema Carter   Diarra Diop    



    Received International Baccalaureate Diploma

    Annette Stricklin
    Isabelle Stuever
    Olivia LaVeaux

    Passed one or more IB Exams

    Olivia LaVeaux


    Nicolas Walker


    Kelly Ailon Ortiz

    Annette Stricklin


    Mariah Ellington  


    Baneza Escalante Roblero

    Bailey Ewing


    Connor Curran


    Claudia Hernandez-Lopez

    McKinley Roza


    Jane Sealy


    Jasmin Carrillo

    Isabelle Stuever


    Eshan Shah


    Jose Galan

    Paul Wilson


    David Trinh


    Gabino Martinez

    Mary Kimble


    Emma Hinkle


    Rodolfo Barragan Medina

    Angela Garcia


    Clyde Kamdoum Tape


    Raegan Schaiper

    Joel Alonzo


    Pierre-Marie Amegadzie


    Diya Patel

    Shania Stone


    Abbigail Emery


    Kristopher Hucker

    Alyssa Hardman


    Nhu Le


    Andralyn Brown

    Emily Clausen


    Madison Wiedemann


    Madeline Jacobs

    Elizabeth Burns


    Lorena Tolentino-Escalanre


    Adna Martinez-Sanchez

    Gabrielle Fishel


    Yeimi Bartolon Perez


    Skylar Adams

    Riya Shanker



    Yael Aparicio


    Karissa Kuntz

    Leona Messer


    Jossie Vargas


      Jacqueline Alonso

    Anthony Freson


    Jamal Booker




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