Benefit Name Description
Health Insurance Offered through UMR, eligible employees may choose to participate in the Traditional/Co-Pay Plan or with an HSA (Health Savings Account) - For full-time employees, the Board pays 85% of the insurance premiums, and the employee pays 15%. Part-time employees pay a proportionately higher share. For coverage to begin on your first day of work, you must enroll within 30 days of that date. Otherwise, open enrollment typically begins November 1st through November 30th, with coverage effective Janua
Dental Insurance Offered through Delta Dental, employees are considered in-network when they receive services from a PPO or Premiere provider. Claims filing is required for out-of-network providers and balance billing may occur. While cards aren’t necessary, employees desiring a dental card can register their account at Delta Dental to print a benefit card.
Life Insurance Offered through Aetna. Premiums are fully paid by the Board for group life. Voluntary life may be purchased through the Voluntary Benefits Program on a pre-tax basis during open enrollment.
Flexible Spending Accounts Offered through UMR, allows you to defer on a pre-tax basis a portion of your salary to be used for eligible health care and dependent care expenses . Effective 1/1/11, over the counter medications cannot be purchased from your heath spending account without a prescription.
Voluntary Benefits Offered through American Fidelity, AFLAC, and Aetna. Allows you to reduce on a pre-tax basis a portion of your salary to participate in voluntary benefits such as cancer, disability, vision, life, accident, etc. (See Voluntary Benefits for a complete listing of products and contact information).
Sick Leave Pursuant to law, full-time personnel accrue sick leave at the rate of 1.25 days per month which are accumulated in accordance with state law, board policy or collective bargaining agreements. Sick leave is transferable (within limits) from other Ohio agencies. Part-time employees earn sick leave on a prorated basis.
Personal Leave Pursuant to law, full-time employees are granted three days per year. Days may not be accumulated. Part-time personnel are granted personal days on a prorated basis.
Professional Leave With proper authorization, time may be provided for professional growth.
Paid Vacation Extended to all 12-month employees (260 days) and 11-month employees (236) days.
Direct Deposit Direct Deposit is mandatory and will be deposited into financial institution(s) of your choice.
Emery Credit Union A financial institution available for employee membership. For information call 530-0610.
Retirement Plan All employees participate in either the state STRS or SERS retirement fund. Contribution rates are mandated by law. Currently, the Board pays 14% of salary into the plan. Employee share: 14% to STRS and 10% to SERS.
403b/457 Plans Employees may elect to defer a portion of their salary into a tax-sheltered 403b/457 plan. A completed list of providers and contact information can be found below.