Odin’s Center for Discovery, Exploration, and Networking

  • Every Princeton student and staff member has a Viking Mail account, unlimited storage on Google Drive, and the ability to use several different Google Apps.  If these Google features are new to you, look for the help you need below!

    Why Use Viking Mail and Google Drive:
    Students can access their documents from any computer, and in some cases, from any online device.  This is a huge advantage.  When students save their projects on a computer, especially one from the laptop cart, it is a challenge to find the right computer again! Students lose or forget flash drives or sometimes the files become corrupted.  Students can also access their projects at home.
    Saving is streamlined.  If students are signed in to their Viking Mail accounts and create a Document, Presentation, or Sheet online, changes are automatically saved.  At the end of the bell, students only need to log out of their computer. 
    Saving online keeps our computers "clean."  Over time, students saving documents, images, and other files on the school laptops will slow them down.
    Documents can be shared. Whether students are working together or want to e-mail an assignment to a teacher, the ability to share documents is useful.
    Learning one platform and interface focuses learning.  Instead of learning how to use multiple programs that do essentially the same thing (e.g.: Powerpoint, Prezi, Presentations, etc.) or remembering multiple online accounts, students can focus on content.  
    Help Getting Started
    Google Slides Presentation Using Google Docs on a Macbook
    Google Slides Presentation on Creating a Form to Collect Information