• The most effective way for parents to address problems and concerns about their children and/or the instructional or extracurricular programs is by following the chain of command.

    For most problems and concerns the chain of command would normally follow these steps:

    First: Teacher, team leader, counselor, coach or activity advisor
    Second: Grade Level Principal
    Third: Building Principal/Designee
    Fourth: Associate Superintendent, Superintendent
    Fifth: Board of Education/Designee
    The classroom teacher, team leader, counselor, coach or activity advisor should be contacted first to answer questions or address problems or concerns.

    If a problem or concern remains unsolved, the grade level principal is the next person to contact, then finally the building principal.

    If a problem or concern cannot be resolved after talking with the teacher, team leader, counselor, coach, activity advisor, grade level principal, or building principal, the associate superintendent is the next person to contact. The associate superintendent would know other resource people to call upon to address the problem or concern of the parent, if needed.

    The superintendent is to be contacted on issues that cannot be resolved by the persons in positions previously mentioned. The superintendent is the chief operating administrator for the Board of Education and the supervisor of all employees in the district except the treasurer.

    Finally, the Board of Education, or its designee is the last level of appeal.