• Pride of Princeton

    Band Camp 2020

    COVID-19 Information and Plans


    The purpose of this action plan is to:

    • Provide a safe set of procedures for the staff and members of the 2020 Pride of Princeton Marching Band
    • Continue to hold Band Camp in July 2020, so as to provide the necessary pre-season skills training for success in the 2020 Marching Band season
    • Align with research-supported suggestions/policies from supporting and governing agencies, such as the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education (OAAE)
    • Provide members of the Pride of Princeton Marching Band the opportunity to make music together in a safe and secure environment


     Dates and Schedule for Band Camp 2020



     Waiver and EMF signed by parent

    •  Prior to participating in any Band Camp activities, a signed waiver and emergency medical form must be on file with Band Staff.  Links below
    •  Prior to Arrival to School
      • Perform a wellness check
      • Stay home if you have any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fatigue, chills, sore throat or loss of taste or smell, fever of 99.5º or higher
      • Bring your own water bottle- no shared watering stations will be available to students.  Plan to bring enough water to last 3 hours of physical activity. 
    •  Arriving at School
      • Masks must be worn during transitions (arrival, moving from task to task, departure)
      • Staff members will complete a wellness check of each student as they arrive to camp, including temperature check using a contact-free thermometer
      • Students who answer yes to any of the wellness questions will be sent home for the day (and possibly the week)
      • Secure instrument/music and report to first location (Mural, Practice Field, Parking Lot)
    • During Camp
      • Stay only with your assigned group, no wandering/mixing of groups
      • When transitioning from one activity to the next, maintain 6 feet minimum distance
      • No visitors/spectators during camp
      • Restrooms are for emergencies only.  One person at a time, must get adult approval and log time
      • The only restrooms available are the portable unit by the practice field or the restroom by the PHS cafeteria
      • Seats/shared equipment will be sanitized between rotations
    •  Departing School 
      • Instruments must go home at the end of each day, except tubas and percussion
      • Leave as soon as your session is over, do not hang out on school premises
      • If waiting for a ride, maintain social distancing (6 feet) and wait outside Viking Village at the flagpole.
    •  After Camp
      • Take a shower.  Rest, hydrate, eat!



    Pride of Princeton Band Camp Waiver (must be completed prior to band camp)

    Emergency Medical Form (must be completed prior to band camp)


    Approval Statement

    Dear Band Members,

    We have missed your music-making!  In our current Covid-19 Pandemic situation, the marching band as an outdoor activity is the perfect opportunity to get back to music-making!  While your Band Camp experience will be different this year, we are fortunate to be able to offer you this Band Camp experience. Every music experience has the potential to be valuable and memorable, so make the most of this opportunity! #goband #vikingdiff

    -K Brown


    Princeton City School District has once again been named a 2020 Best Community for Music Education! 

    2020 Best Communities for Music EDU


    Princeton music students have an opportunity to be part of a program which has received state and national recognition for excellence. Whether in the classroom, the marching field, the concert or theatre stage, or the arena of competition, our students experience what for many is the high point of their musical lives.


    Beginning in kindergarten, all Princeton students receive instruction from a qualified music educator. Music classes are part of the regular elementary school schedule and follow a standards-based curriculum. Middle School provides the opportunity to begin instrumental music study and many students become part of band, orchestra, choral or jazz performance ensembles. A wide variety of musical options is available at the high school as well, with Marching Band, three concert bands, two orchestras, four choirs, and two jazz ensembles being offered during the school day. Additionally, non-performance music classes are offered at the Middle School and High School, including General Music, Piano Lab, Guitar, and International Baccalaureate Music.


    Princeton music organizations have a rich history of performance excellence. Our bands, orchestras, and choirs have consistently received superior ratings at OMEA adjudicated events. Princeton’s Marching Band, Choir and Jazz Ensembles are well-known musical ambassadors throughout the area, and Princeton ensembles have appeared in locations throughout the country. Recently, Princeton bands, orchestras, and choirs have performed in such diverse locations as Orlando, Washington D.C., Salt Lake City and Honolulu. ABC students have received individual recognition as well, having been selected for such prestigious organizations as Cincinnati Junior Strings, Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra, District 14 Honor Band, May Festival Youth Chorus, and All-State Ensembles.


    Many families cite the music program as one of the principal benefits of a Princeton education. At Princeton, to be educated well is to be educated in music.