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  • Heritage Hill Elementary School Community Partners


    General Electric

    Our partners with GE allow us to have Junior Achievement in our 5th

    grade classrooms to enhance student knowledge on entrepreneurship. 

    Junior Achievement annually reaches 4 million students with programs that teach financial literacy, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness in grades K-12.  We are very fortunate to have a community partnership that opens the door for our students to be a part of this exciting opportunity.  This program opens the door to educating and empowering students to transform their future and own their economic success.  Through the delivery of financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship, Junior Achievement can help students broaden the canvas of possibility for young people to enrich their ability to both engage in their economic development and contribute to the strength of their families, communities and economies.


     University of Cincinnati Bilingual Reading Buddies

     Our partners with the University of Cincinnati Spanish program brings reading friends to our school that are bilingual.  The university students come to our school once a week to read with our students.  This has been a great way for our students to practice reading as well as build a friendship with another adult.



    Our partners with Macy’s has brought about a four tier program to reach our students in many ways.  The following shares information about our volunteer program. Our volunteers participate in the following areas to enhance the supports to our students.


                Classroom Assignment

    A volunteer is assigned to a specific classroom and is able to assist in the classroom with the students.  This would allow for one on one activities based on the classroom.  The classroom assignment would bring about volunteer opportunities and connections based on the specific assignment.


                Student Quality Coach

    All of our students have student data folders and the Quality Coach would meet with the students to go over student goals and assist with creating goals with the student. Monitor the goals with the student and review the student data folders and progress with the students.  There would be specific students assigned to each Quality Coach.


                Macy’s Stars

    Using the concept of 40 Developmental Assets the mentor would become another important adult relationship in a child’s life.  The 40 Developmental Assets would be the basis for improving a student’s academic opportunity by increasing the assets.  Students who have 17 or more assets tend to increase overall academic gains and are more likely to do better in life.  The opportunity would be from 11:30-1:30 and we would have each mentor meet weekly (flexible) for 30 minutes per week.  We would have academic games and activities available while enhancing the mentoring opportunity. 


                Project Based

    The project based building opportunity would include providing building wide projects that could be worked on to help the school.  ie school supply drive, family night, school garden, student centered incentive opportunities, holiday help with families, coat drive in the winter, etc  This would allow volunteers to become creative in ways to enhance student opportunities and incentives.



     Our volunteer programs are aligned to the efforts and purpose of the Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets.  The research shows that students who have 18 or more assets will have increased opportunity to be productive as they move from young adult to adult. 


    US Foods

    We have been fortunate to have refreshments at our community events, Parent Round Table, Spring Sports Camps as well as other student incentive opportunities. It is a fabulous benefit to have refreshments to enhance our programs and offerings.


    Girl Scouts

    The area Girl Scouts has been running grade level Girl Scout Troops for 6-8 weeks for specific grade levels.  This program is held after school hours and allows for our female students to be a part of the Girl Scout organization.  This has been a  lot of fun for our girls.


    DARE-Springdale Police Department

    We have our very own DARE office assigned to our school.  We are pleased to have Officer Hoctor complete DARE programs throughout our grade levels.  DARE focuses on drug abuse resistance programs and educating our students on the risks of negative behaviors that are driven by drug and alcohol.  Each year our 5th grade students participate in a DARE graduation to present their accomplishments of the program. 


    Anthony Munoz Foundation

    The Anthony Munoz Foundation has provided scholarships for our students to attend the Eternity Camps, Hispanic Camps and Anthony Munoz Football Camp.  The camps focus on character, leadership and overcoming obstacles to become a success in career, school and life.  The foundation provides academic scholarships across the Tri-State for students for college preparation.  We are pleased to have been chosen to be a part of the camps that are provided by the foundation.


    City of Springdale, Humana, YMCA, Vineyard Church, Higher Ground Ministry

    The Spring Sports Camp that was a huge success during Spring Break at Heritage Hill was created by the City of Springdale along with partnerships from a variety of sponsors.  The students received sports equipment, snacks, food and refreshments and t-shirts throughout the camp.  We look forward to this camp being provided each school year.  This camp is an opportunity for our students to enhance an active lifestyle during Spring Break.  There have also been other opportunities for food packs given to our entire student body through donations from these sponsors.  The Baloney Brigade is starting this summer to provide additional lunches to our students.


    McDonalds of Springdale

    We appreciate the opportunity to hold our annual McTeacher Night.  The profits from the profits during this time is donated to our school.  There is also music, Ronald McDonald and a lot of fun at this event.  McDonalds also generates additional funds to support our school events.




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