7th Grade General Music

  • 7th Grade students in general music will take one quarter of American Music and one quarter of Piano Keyboard Lab. During the American Music quarter, students will study the evolution of American music, including its roots in both the music of Western Europe and Africa. Students will receive hands-on, interactive music instruction on a variety of instruments. Lessons are in-depth and focus on state and national standards in music. Students are exposed to listening experiences that broaden their knowledge of the elements of music. They experience music from various cultures, historical periods, and genres. In the Piano Keyboard Lab, students learn basic piano skills, music notation and reading, listening skills and music composition. It is a unique opportunity for middle school students to express their creativity through electronic media and technology. Lessons are designed according to the student's experience and ability, and allow students to progress at their own speed. The keyboard lab is a highly motivational learning tool found at very few schools throughout the state.