Current Membership

  • Current Individual and Family Membership

    (as of 01/31/2020)


    Advocate Level $500+

    Tom and Karin Benjamin and Family †
    The Burton Family: Tom, Franca, Cailey, Bryce & Tommy
    The Gardner and Cogorno Family
    Pete and Lee Gardner
    Bob and Jane Johnson
    Simons-DeGraffenreid Family †
    The Wyder Family Scholarships 

    Joan Meier ($250)

    Becky Brown
    Anna R Johnson †
    Mark and Donna Steinmetz
    Sandra Wright
    Susan and Walter Wyder 


    The Princeton Music Boosters honor the memory of Joan Meier by naming one of their membership levels after her. She was a Princeton Music Teacher (1960-1995), Leader, Colleague, Advocate, Visionary, and Friend. She oversaw the development of the Princeton music program into one worthy of state and national recognition. Under her leadership Princeton music educators were empowered to develop superior programs, enabling many thousands of students to experience a comprehensive education in music. Fondly known as "Mother Meier,” choirs under her direction consistently received Superior ratings. Her service to the music profession was recognized in many ways throughout her career, including statewide office and receipt of the OMEA Distinguished Service Award. Her legacy of high achievement and commitment to music education remain an integral part of the education program in the Princeton City School District.


    Director ($100)

    Koji and Marcia Asari
    Kristen and Rob Brown
    Casey and Angie Carrigan
    Syndy Casey and Tom Barrett †
    Andy and Maria Dunlap
    Anna and Matt Ehlerding
    Brian and Jen Evans
    Tim and Karen Gandert
    Dr. N. Michael Goecke †
    Dianne and Brad Green
    The Haag Family †
    Kevin Hardman and Amy Goohs-Hardman †
    Eric Head and Wendy Lindsey
    Matt and Stephanie Hoog
    The Imm Family
    Will and Amy Kimble
    Adam and Jeanette Knight
    Marie Knueven
    Tom and Kathy Knueven
    Robert and Janet Maine
    Jerry and Tammy Marcotte †
    Mari Murray †
    Jeff and Beth McDaniel †
    Craig and Leslie Phillips
    Mari Phillips
    Sam Reynolds †
    John and Michelle Robenalt
    Chris and Betty Robertson †
    The Roddy Family
    Joe and Tracy Rust
    Stan and Mandy Schultz
    John and Amy Sharpshair
    Don and Sharlene Stowell
    Eve Warner
    Marlene Williams
    Zvi and Adele Zuckerman 


    Viking ($75)

    Jess and Annie Anglin
    The family of Maverick and CJ Barnette †
    Jennifer Carter
    Tootie and Phil Covalcine
    Mr Robert L Ford †
    Charles and Carissa Goodall
    The Hoover Family
    Dan and Annie Perrin
    Karl and Valerie Smith
    Meghan Sullivan-Wisecup †
    Aaron and Shelley White †
    Mike Wilson and Family 


    Patron ($50)

    Paul and Julia Allen
    The Cannon Family
    Cordelia and John Edmiston
    The Emery Family
    Heather Farwell †
    John and Barbara Fillion
    Kevin and Chris Fishel and Family
    Todd and Jessica Gandert
    Anita Staples Haynes
    Mr & Mrs Mick Higgins
    Rodney and Vicki Hoppe †
    Tim and Jodi Kessler
    Daniel and Kara Messer
    The Miley Family
    Phil and Daphne Noertker
    Kyle and Catlyn Phillips
    The Stanger Family
    Mary Stuever
    Michele and Chris Turner and Family †
    Dennis and Christina Wade (Dylan Coyle)
    Phillip Weinert 


    Booster ($25)

    Jaclyn Ballman
    Steve and Michelle Betz †
    Marlene Brokaw
    The Buell Family †
    Steve and Gina Burg
    Stacey Carpenter
    Eneida Coria
    David and Beth Dendler †
    Tom and Robin Deubell †
    Rachel and Brian Franklin †
    Neil and Mary Gamstetter
    Elizabeth Gandert †
    Marc and Robin Gandert
    Melissa Hendrix
    Tiffanie Howard
    Heather and Sean Hurley
    Renee Jacobs
    Gus and Katie Janssens
    Jared and Angie Martin †
    Natasha Nutter
    Jody Petersman
    Dave and Marcia Ramsey
    Joe and Kendra Roberts
    In memory of Kathryn Marie Schindler
    Matt and Lisa Senter
    Todd and Julie Smith
    Dan & Diana Tracey
    Vonstein Family
    Cori Williams
    Nick and Lindsey Young 

    Sustaining and Memorial Contributors

    Gilbert Braun Memorial

    Suzette Vennings Blue

    Sylvia Eversole

    Jean Jackson

    Amie Smith

    Carol S Trosset


    Thomas S Benjamin Memorial

    Lois G Benjamin *

    Lou Benjamin *


    Sarah Zuckerman Memorial

    Kevin and Debra Engel

    Dr Deborah Jackson

    Garrett Schlueter

    Willens B Schlueter

    Jerrold and Regina Wiedemann

    Louis and Patricia Williams

    Adele Zuckerman


    † Princeton Alumni

    * Renewed/Joined for 2019-2020 School Year

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