• 2019 Highlights/Awards/Recognition


    Elementary Highlights

    • 9% increase in district third grade reading scores & 7.3% increase in district fourth grade math scores
    • Evendale, Heritage Hill, Springdale, and Woodlawn earned an A in Gap Closing
    • Glendale, Lincoln Heights, Sharonville, and Stewart earned a B in Gap Closing
    • All elementary buildings met Chronic Absenteeism Indicator
    • Evendale, Springdale, Stewart, and Woodlawn maintained Five Star Step Up to Quality Rating


    Princeton Community Middle School Highlights

    • Gateway to Technology: Each student, each year. These STEM modules include: Design and Modeling, Flight and Space, Green Architecture, and Medical Detectives.
    • 53 STEM projects were displayed at the Ohio State Fair resulting in a 3rd place award.   
    • A new 6th grade academy was created within PCMS.  The different bell schedule allows the 6th grade students to transition and create a new identity at PCMS.
    • A transition camp was held for incoming 6th graders in the month of June.  This camp helped to close gaps in learning for students so they can have a stronger start.                       
    • 52 PCMS students earned high school Math credits
    • 57 PCMS students earned high school Spanish credits
    • 62 PCMS students earned high school French credits
    • 802 PCMS students are in band, choir, or orchestra
    • 423 PCMS student, grades 7 – 8, are in school sponsored clubs or activities
    • 426 PCMS students, grades 7 – 8, participate in school sponsored athletic sports

    Princeton High School Highlights

    • Honors Diplomas at the high school increased 213% from 2018.
    • Intervention Classes for Math and English have been created during the school day and after school.
    • A Bioengineering Program partnership with the University of Cincinnati launched in June of 2019.
    • Procter and Gamble partnered with Princeton High School to created an EL 3D Printing Club. 
    • As a result of our IT Partnership with the University of Cincinnati, four seniors will start the 2019/20 school year at UC co-oping with sophomore status.
    • 8 PHS and 3 PCMS students performed at Holocaust Museum Grand Opening and competed in the Poetry Out Loud Performance Awards.
    • 453 PHS students participate in band, choir, or orchestra
    • 119 PHS students inducted into the National Honor Society
    • 73 PHS students invited to join Tri-M Music Honor Society
    • 15 PHS students inducted into Spanish National Honor Society
    • 16 PHS students joined the American Sign Language Honor Society
    • 43 PHS Regional Art Award entries with 9 Gold Key Award Winners


    District Accountability Highlights

    • We served 100% of our students identified as gifted in reading, math or superior cognitive in grades K-3 and 98% in grades 4-8
    • More than doubled the percent of graduating students earning 3+ college credit hours through Dual Enrollment Credit (18.7%)
    • We are closing READING learning gaps in all subgroups  and met/exceeded state targets in 7 of the 9 subgroups measured
    • We are closing MATH learning gaps in all subgroups and met/exceeded state targets in 8 of the 9 subgroups measured, including students with disabilities
    • We met or exceeded GRADUATION rates in 7 of 8 subgroups measured


    Special Education Highlights

    • 48 high school students were highlighted and celebrated their Transitions activities and successes towards their post-school goals. 
    • Princeton Community Middle School celebrated the 3rd annual Special Education Transition Fair. Over 200 6th, 7th, and 8th graders explored different careers and training opportunities.
    • Collaboration for Employment and Education Synergy (CEES) program at the University of The focus last year was on encouraging self-determination and self-advocacy skills, soft skills in the workplace, and executive functioning skills in the classroom. 
    • Inclusive Schools Week was celebrated through the District, December 3-7. Princeton had the largest social media presence in the country for Inclusive Schools Week, including a video that compiled our students’ activities throughout the week.


    Student Services Highlights

    • 19 PCMS students and 48 PHS students were nominated by their peers in the spring to serve on the 2019-2020 HOPE Squad which focuses on suicide prevention and anti-bullying.
    • For 2019 – 2020 Sharonville and Lincoln Heights have partnered with a local agency to provide school-based social-emotional learning day programs.
    • For 2019 – 2020, the district will institute Terrace metrics, a comprehensive, web-based life skills assessment and social-emotional learning intervention system in grades 3 through 12.



    English Learners

    • Glendale, Heritage Hill, Sharonville, Springdale, and Stewart Elementaries met the 2018 & 2019 State Report Card English Learner Improvement Measure based on performance on state tests.


    • 167 English Learners exited services based on their 2019 OELPA scores compared to 119 in 2018. Heritage Hill and Princeton High School more than doubled their number of English Learners exiting services compared to 2018.


    • PHS and PCMS are implementing new curriculum materials to support the needs of our English learners.


    Arts and Innovation

    • 6 Princeton students earned awards at the Worldwide T:IME Music Composition Contest
    • Over 300 artists plus all Princeton Music Groups participated in the Festival of the Arts
    • 10 students participated in the STEM Goes Red Conference



    • Princeton is a One to One School District with ChromeBooks for Students
    • We are also using more digital textbooks to make sure that the information is not obsolete by the time next year's students arrive.
      • Using E-rate funding doubled the Internet bandwidth to the district to make sure we have access to the additional online materials.


    200+ students participated in leadership initiatives

    Princeton High School Leadership       

    • The entire class of 2022 participated in the Junior Achievement Career Fair
    • The entire class of 2021 participated in a Career and Education Exploration Day
    • 75 Key Club Students performed over 75 community service projects, providing over 1,276 community service hours
    • 74 students participated in Community Partnership Breakfasts
    • 18 students participated in the Ohio High School Athletic Association Leadership Conference
    • 15 students participated in the Anthony Munoz Leadership Conference
    • 14 students participated in the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
    • 14 students from the Class of 2019 enlisted into Military Service
    • 10 students participated in the American Heart Association’s “STEM Goes Red”
    • 9 students were chosen for the Freedom Center Youth Docent Program
    • 8 students presented poems at the Holocaust Museum Opening
    • 6 students participated in West Point Society Ethics Seminar
    • 6 students participated in Ohio Kentucky Indiana (OKI) Construction Career Day
    • 6 students participating in internships at FedEx

    Princeton Community Middle School Leadership

    • 20 Middle School Ambassadors
    • 19 PCMS Student Council Members
    • 15 students served on the Principal Leadership Council
    • 15 students attended YMCA Camp Kern Leadership Building Camp
    • 18 students founded Future Ambassadors, a young men’s mentoring group
    • 14 students participated in the Girls STEM Bike Club
    • 10 students participated in Just Sisters, a young female empowerment group
    • 6 students competed in the Power of the Pen competition

    Elementary Leadership Opportunities

    • Getting Along Together
    • Robotics Club
    • Breakthrough Cincinnati Academic Leadership
    • The Mobile Brown Book Club
    • Garden Clubs
    • Student “Jobs”
    • March Empowerment Classes
    • Anthony Munoz Foundation Impact for Eternity Camp
    • Springdale Gives Back
    • Student-Led Origami Club
    • UC Market Madness
    • Student Council
    • MATH-SATIONAL Saturday
    • Recycling Initiatives
    • Junior Achievement

    Safety and Security

              All of our schools were deemed safe by an independent safety audit.  A safety audit was completed in 2018, with 35 total recommendations. In the past year, we have completed 22 of the 35 recommendations.