Music Accomplishments

  • 2020 Best Communities for Music Education
    For the fifth consecutive year, Princeton City Schools has been nationally recognized with the Best Communities for Music Education designation from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation for its outstanding commitment to music education.
    “This recognition is further evidence of our district’s commitment to the arts. Our school district community consistently demonstrates support for music education and recognizes its impact on the social-emotional benefits for holistic well-being,” said Tom Burton, district superintendent. “Our students are continuing to practice and play their instruments to fine-tune their craft during this at-home instructional period.”
    It is the eighth time Princeton has been named Best Communities for Music Education, since the inception of the award in 1999. To celebrate, Princeton music teachers are inviting the community to “Play on Your Porch.”
    On Wednesday, April 22, at 2:00 p.m. the Princeton Music Department has asked current students, alumni, and districtwide neighbors to “Play on Your Porch” as a sign of unity and inspiration to the community. The department is requesting everyone to play the school fight song, “Go Princeton Go!” Recordings of the “Play on Your Porch” event will be compiled into a video to share at upcoming events and on social media outlets. The sheet music and more information can be found at
    The “Play on Your Porch” movement encourages families and community members to be creative and participate in music, while spring concerts are on hiatus.
    “The Princeton music program is a family,” states Kristen Brown, music department chair, who teaches music and band for grades 6-12. “Students are able to find things that inspire them and make lifelong friends and lifelong memories. Princeton empowers students for college, career, and life success through music education by fostering creativity, confidence, problem-solving, perseverance, collaboration, dedication, and accountability. Those are the things that make a #vikingdiff.” 
    “It is gratifying that Princeton is recognized worldwide for the outstanding quality of our music program,” stated Ron Bollmer, principal at Princeton High School. “It is an honor well-deserved and well-earned; our music department continues to go above and beyond in providing an excellent experience for all students. The positive effect on our students is invaluable - not only in the music room but in all classrooms, as well as life outside of school.”
    The Best Communities for Music Education designation is awarded to districts that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students. To qualify for the Best Communities designation, Princeton submitted a detailed application, including information about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, and support for the music programs.




    School Year 2018-2019


    Best Communities for Music Education Award (NAMM)-Princeton City Schools


    Music For All- Advocacy in Action Gold Award: Princeton City Schools for “Private Lesson Scholarships”


    John Philip Sousa Band Award:  Stephen Holley

    Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Stephen Holley

    National School Choral Award: Julia Kufeldt

    National School Choral Award: Tyler Chang

    National School Orchestra Award: Julia Kufeldt


    National Association for Music Education-Tri-M Recognition of Excellence

    Julia Kufeldt


    CSYO: Philharmonic

    Lileth Stricklin- Violin


    CSYO: Concert Orchestra

    Meg Sams- Viola

    Noah Torlop- Viola

    Nathan Rengering-Horn


    CSYO: Nouveau Chamber Players

    Lileth Stricklin, violin

    Noah Torlop, viola


    Cincinnati Junior Strings

    Kindall Benjamin, Bass

    Nhu Le, Violin


    CYWE (Cincinnati Youth Wind Ensemble)

    Maria Leonhardt, clarinet

    Nathan Rengering, clarinet


    CYSB (Cincinnati Youth Symphonic Band)

    Brandon Rengering, tenor sax


    Junior CYWE

    Leah Bracknell, alto sax


    CYJO (Cincinnati Youth Jazz Orchestra)

    Taylor Hoog, bass



    Lileth Stricklin

    Olivia Claussen

    Taylor Hoog

    OMEA D14 HS Symphonic Band

    Maria Leonhardt, clarinet

    Ben Leonhardt, tenor sax

    Brandon Rengering, tenor sax

    Stephen Holley, bari sax

    Mary Kimble, horn

    Jacob Deubell, trombone

    OMEA D14 HS Concert Band

    Nolan Gardner, bassoon

    Josh Kinney, alto saxophone

    Tommy Burton, alto sax

    Ryan Bisel, trumpet

    Jacob Kinney, trombone

    Xavier University Honor Band

    Yael Aparicio, trumpet

    Ryan Bisel, trumpet

    Brett Doss, trumpet

    Elizabeth Gandert, oboe

    Mary Kimble, horn

    Michael Morgan, horn

    Nathan Rengering, horn

    OMEA D14 7th Grade Honor Band

    Logan Hendrix, Baritone

    Layla Cato, Baritone Saxophone

    Emily Johnson, flute

    Jemly Ambrocio, horn

    Ryan Benjamin, tenor saxophone

    Grace Perkins, tenor saxophone

    Morgan Hoog, trombone


    OMEA D14 8th Grade Honor Band

    James Jantzen, percussion

    Leah Bracknell, tenor saxophone

    Stephen Higgins, trombone

    Mauricio Gutierrez, tuba


    OMEA D14 JH Honor Orchestra

    Marissa Broeders, violin

    James Jansen, percussion

    Marie Nzale, viola

    Cassie Robins, violin

    James Thompson, double bass

    Michael Cucum-Velasquez, violin

    Ariana Watson, cello


    OMEA D14 JH Honor Choir

    Kindall Benjamin

    Leah Bracknell

    Lauren Burns

    Francis Done

    Gloria Dunlap

    Mi’kel Gamble-Roscoe

    Bryee Good

    Rita Janssens

    Griffin Mahr

    Sydney Meacham

    Kitryah Mitchell Israel

    Duain Robinson

    Rachel Sherwood

    Addisyn Surgener

    Christian Sprinkle

    Emily Steele

    Trinity Steele

    Kassia Williams

    Senior Solo Recital-Class A Solo at OMEA S & E

    Jillian Betz, Soprano

    Olivia Clausen, Violin

    Elizabeth Gandert, Oboe

    Stephanie Garcia, Violin

    Hannah Goodall, Soprano

    Stephen Holley, Baritone Saxophone

    Megan Kowal, Mezzo-Soprano

    Julia Kufeldt, Viola

    Julia Kufeldt, Piano

    Ben Leonhardt, Tenor Sax

    Jessie McClure, Mezzo-Soprano

    Nicholas Wallace, Violin

    OMEA D14 Junior High Honor Jazz

    Leah Bracknell, tenor sax

    Grace Perkins, tenor sax

    Andrew Edrington, bari sax

    Jack McDaniel, trumpet

    Carson McDaniel, trumpet

    Parker Evans, trumpet

    Aidan Kenny, trombone

    Morgan Hoog, trombone

    Steven Higgins, trombone

    Carly Nagel, bass

    James Janzen, percussion


    OMEA D14 High School Honor Jazz Ensemble II
    Nathan Rengering, trumpet

    Amari Mathis, trumpet

    Kyle McDaniel, trombone

    Carter Logsdon, trombone

    Kei Mott, guitar

    Eric Moorman, bass


    OMEA D14 High School Honor Jazz Ensemble I
    Josh Kinney, alto sax

    Stephen Holley, bari sax

    Ryan Bisel, trumpet

    Mary Kimble, trumpet

    Jacob Deubell, trombone

    Taylor Hoog, bass

    Cincinnati Jazz Academy- Summer 2018

    Aiden Kenny- PCMS

    Ariel Stephens- PCMS

    Carson McDaniel- PCMS

    Jack McDaniel- PCMS

    James Janzen- PCMS

    Kindall Benjamin- PCMS

    Layla Frazier- PCMS

    Leah Bracknell- PCMS

    Brandon Rengering- PHS

    Carter Logsdon- PHS

    Derek Douglas- PHS

    Ian Stanger- PHS

    Jacob Deubell- PHS

    Mary Kimble- PHS

    Tommy Burton- PHS

    Ty Carter- PHS

    Kemen Norman- PHS


    Spring 2017 Awards:

    John Philip Sousa Band Award:  Michael Mendoza

    Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Jesse Kufeldt

    National School Choral Award: Hannah Julian

    National School Choral Award: Chet Goodall

    National School Orchestra Award: Mackenzie Freese

    Semper Fidelis Music Award: Rachel Moorman-Minton


    Overture Awards: Cincinnati Arts Association

    Jonathan Kutcher, Regional Competition, Theater

    Bryce Kessler, Regional Competition, Instrumental Music, Cello

    CSYO: Concert Orchestra

    Julia Kufeldt, viola

    Jesse Kufeldt, trumpet

    Noah Torlop, viola

    CSYO: Nouveau Chamber Players

    Lileth Stricklin, violin  



    Bryce Kessler, cello

    Nathan Rengering, horn

    OMEA D14 HS Symphonic Band

    Asa Jaymes, bassoon

    Simon Jansen, bass trombone

    Dana Schriever, horn

    Jacob Deubell, trombone

    Ben Leonhardt, tenor sax

    OMEA D14 HS Concert Band

    Nathan Rengering, horn

    Nancy Bartolon, clarinet

    Ashlyn Reminga, clarinet

    Daniel Lojinger, bassoon


    Xavier University Honor Band

    Garrett Lewis-Thomas, clarinet

    Elizabeth Gandert, oboe

    Asa Jaymes, bassoon

    Nathan Rengering, horn

    Dana Schriever, horn


    OMEA D14 7th Grade Honor Band

    Molly Cannon, clarinet

    Nicholas Caracci, alto saxophone

    Tommy Burton, alto saxophone

    Brandon Rengering, tenor saxophone

    Brett Doss, trumpet

    Abbigail Emery, trumpet

    Mary Kimble, French Horn

    Jake Kinney, trombone

    OMEA D14 8th Grade Honor Band

    Ryan Bisel, trumpet

    Jasmin Garcia, flute

    Josh Kinney, alto saxophone

    Michael Maley, tenor saxophone

    Kyle McDaniel, trombone

    Michael Morgan,french Horn

    Fred Stevens, trombone

    OMEA D14 JH Honor Orchestra:

    Annette Stricklin, 1st Violin

    Madeline Sherwood, 2nd Violin

    Andrea George, Viola

    Jimmy Moores, Cello

    Jacob McGregor, Bass

    Michael Morgan, horn

    Fred Stevens, trombone

    OMEA JH Honor Choir

    Jerica Fitzgerald

    Sydney Mahr

    Rylee Meyer

    Regan Winters

    Aidan Morgenroth

    Ian Wisecup

    David Thompson

    Justin Fierro

    Taylor Helton

    Junior/Senior Solo Recital-Class A Solo at OMEA S & E

    Ashley Borden, clarinet

    Brianna Cox-Heinz, violin

    Mackenzie Freese, violin

    Asa Jaymes, bassoon

    Jesse Kufeldt, trumpet

    Rachel Moorman-Minton, flute

    Simon Jansen, trombone

    Dana Schriever, horn

    Bryce Kessler, cello

    OMEA D14 JH Honor Jazz

    Josh Kinney, alto sax
    Michael Maley, tenor sax
    Christian DeLeon-Sanchez, bari sax
    AJ White, trumpet
    Mary Kimble, trumpet
    Ryan Bisel, trumpet
    Jacob Kinney, trombone
    Freddie Stevens, trombone
    Carter Logsdon, trombone
    Eric Moorman, bass
    Nolan Head, percussion


    OMEA D14 HS Honor Jazz
    Chandler Holcomb, alto sax
    Clay Kessler, trumpet
    Jacob Deubell, trombone
    Simon Jansen, trombone

    Young Women and Men in Harmony Festival

    Carley Poehner

    Garrett Lewis-Thomas

    Sharissa Luther

    Gabby Fishel

    George Tsonchev

    Joseph Amegadzie

    Jerry Colbert

    Jaden Winters

    Carter Winters

    Raymond Wilkinson

    Connor Curran

    Meg Holcomb

    Stephanie Garcia

    Patience Clayton

    Jessie McClure

    Quincy Wilks


    Jr CYWE

    Nolan Gardner, bassoon



    Nathan Rengering, horn