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    Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Registration Information

    Registration is 100% online for all students in grades PreK-12 through FinalForms.
    Registration for Preschool and Kindergarten will be online using Final Forms and opened on March 4th, 2022, through our website:
    These links will include information about the curriculum, details about each school, special education, English Learners services, and registration requirements/details.


    Pre-Kindergarten Program

    Princeton City School District is pleased to offer Pre-Kindergarten classes in most of the district’s elementary school buildings! 

    Classes are offered four (4) days per week in both morning and afternoon sessions. Children who reside within the Princeton district and are three (3) years of age on or before September 30, 2022, are eligible to attend this program. Transportation is provided for Pre-Kindergarten students within the designated elementary school attendance areas. 

    Princeton’s Pre-Kindergarten program is a fee program and is supported by Princeton applying for and receiving state and federal funding sources. Each funding source has its own unique criteria that must be adhered to, including stringent age and income eligibility components, in order for the funding source to be retained. The Ohio Department of Education has placed emphasis on providing a pre-kindergarten experience for students turning four (4) years of age prior to September 30, 2022. Princeton is committed to providing a pre-kindergarten experience for as many students as possible. 

    Princeton also serves Pre-Kindergarten students with disabilities in a blended Pre-Kindergarten classroom. The blended classroom includes students with disabilities and children who are developing typically. If you feel your child would qualify for services for a disability, please contact the Student Services Department at (513) 864-1034 for additional information. 

    The fee rate for the 2022 – 2023 school year will remain at $298.00 per month. 

    Reduced fee rates are available for those who qualify. 

    ** Due to space requirements, class size in Pre-Kindergarten classrooms is limited ** 


    Kindergarten Program

    Princeton City School District is pleased to offer Kindergarten classes in each of the district’s eight elementary school buildings! 

    Kindergarten classes are offered five (5) days per week. Children who reside within the Princeton district and are five (5) years of age on or before September 30, 2022, are eligible to attend Kindergarten. Transportation is provided for Kindergarten students within designated elementary school attendance areas. 

    Ohio State Law requires students to attend half-day Kindergarten sessions at no charge. All Day Kindergarten (ADK) classes are available in each building. Due to space requirements, class size in All Day Kindergarten classrooms for each elementary school building is limited. Princeton’s All Day Kindergarten program is a tuition-free* program for the 2022-2023 school year. 

    *There will be a $30.00 General Fee applied for each K-12 student attending Princeton City Schools for the 2022-2023 school year.



    Princeton City Schools Approved Tuition-Free Kindergarten for 2022-2023 

    On Monday, July 25, 2022, the Princeton Board of Education voted to approve removing the cost of tuition for full-day kindergarten residents of the district. 

    Full-day kindergarten will be free for the 2022-2023 school year until all full-day classrooms have reached capacity.  Once all full-day classrooms are filled, students will continue to have half-day opportunities. Students may be placed in adjacent neighborhood schools if classrooms are full and space is available in another elementary building. Princeton will provide transportation for all kindergarten students.  

    Due to the Covid pandemic, and the hybrid nature of schooling in 2021, the Princeton Board of Education had reduced the monthly tuition for full-day kindergarten from $396 to $196. Previously, families who were eligible for financial assistance were placed on a sliding scale fee with the potential to qualify for free tuition. 

    “The district has been able to cover the cost of reduced tuition for full-day kindergarten due to ESSER relief dollars,” explained Superintendent Tom Burton. “As a result, the Princeton Board of Education has seen the value of reduced cost options for kindergarten and entered discussions about shifting to a no-tuition kindergarten program in the 2023-2024 school year. It became evident during those public discussions that all board members agreed – kindergarten is too important, and the district should not wait another year to make this full-day option available to all residents, regardless of ability to pay.”

    “The board of education sets the tuition rate for kindergarten annually,” explained Tonya West Wright, Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction. In addition to providing free instruction, the board voted to hire eight additional primary education paraprofessionals to aid in the classrooms in each elementary school. 

    The program will be funded partially with remaining ESSER funding for the 2022-2023 school year. ESSER is a one-time federal funding program intended to support school districts in meeting needs related to or caused by the effects of the COVID-19  pandemic. The full-day kindergarten program will be studied and evaluated to determine both the learning success of the students in the cohort and the cost of continuing the program tuition-free. Princeton City Schools remains committed to fiscal transparency and responsible management of funds while meeting the needs of students in the community. 

    The Board of Education at Princeton City School District is committed to empowering each student for college, career, and life success, starting with the youngest learners.