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    August 1, 2022


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    Princeton Announces New Elementary Principals

    CINCINNATI, OH. Princeton City Schools recently named Josh Murray as the next principal at Evendale Elementary School and Tim Walker as the principal at Glendale Elementary School. Both Murray and Walker served as assistant principal roles in the 2021-2022 school year for the district, providing them with direct experience for their new positions. 

    “Princeton follows our strategic plan in cultivating homegrown talent and creating pipelines for advancement and promotion. It was clear from the beginning that both Tim and Josh possess incredibly strong skills, tremendous leadership, and a commitment to our core values,”  said Tom Burton, the superintendent of Princeton City Schools. “To promote deserving employees that understand the systems and culture unique to each elementary school will make the transition that much smoother for our students, staff, parents, and community members.”

    Josh Murray is entering his fifteenth year as a Princeton employee, having worked in various roles, including paraprofessional at Lincoln Heights Elementary School,  intervention specialist at Heritage Hill Elementary and Princeton Community Middle School, and assistant principal at Stewart Elementary and Sharonville Elementary Schools. 

    “I look forward to working with the staff of Evendale Elementary to provide opportunities for children to learn, grow, and become empowered in their own learning process,” stated Murray.

    Tim Walker served two years as a grade-level principal for the class of 2020 at Princeton High School. He continued his administrative leadership as assistant principal at Glendale and Springdale Elementary Schools this past year. 

    “Glendale Elementary School has a rich and proud history that is filled with tradition and excellence. I’ve spent many years at the elementary level, prior to coming to Princeton, and my heart is truly for our elementary learners. My career in education spans more than fifteen years, and I’m truly passionate about leading and education.”  

    Ms. Tonya West Wright, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction added, “Mr. Murray and Mr. Walker continue to bring the energy and passion to support the educational needs for empowering each student for college, career, and life success. They are excellent additions to the dynamic team of principals at Princeton City Schools.”


    July 26, 2022


    Contact: Tricia Roddy, Director of Communications

    513-864-1093 or troddy@vikingmail.org

    Princeton City Schools Approved Tuition-Free Kindergarten for 2022-2023 

    On Monday, July 25, 2022, the Princeton Board of Education voted to approve removing the cost of tuition for full-day kindergarten residents of the district. 

    Full-day kindergarten will be free for the 2022-2023 school year until all full-day classrooms have reached capacity.  Once all full-day classrooms are filled, students will continue to have half-day opportunities. Students may be placed in adjacent neighborhood schools if classrooms are full and space is available in another elementary building. Princeton will provide transportation for all kindergarten students.  

    Due to the Covid pandemic, and the hybrid nature of schooling in 2021, the Princeton Board of Education had reduced the monthly tuition for full-day kindergarten from $396 to $196. Previously, families who were eligible for financial assistance were placed on a sliding scale fee with the potential to qualify for free tuition. 

    “The district has been able to cover the cost of reduced tuition for full-day kindergarten due to ESSER relief dollars,” explained Superintendent Tom Burton. “As a result, the Princeton Board of Education has seen the value of reduced cost options for kindergarten and entered discussions about shifting to a no-tuition kindergarten program in the 2023-2024 school year. It became evident during those public discussions that all board members agreed – kindergarten is too important, and the district should not wait another year to make this full-day option available to all residents, regardless of ability to pay.”

    “The board of education sets the tuition rate for kindergarten annually,” explained Tonya West Wright, Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction. In addition to providing free instruction, the board voted to hire eight additional primary education paraprofessionals to aid in the classrooms in each elementary school. 

    The program will be funded partially with remaining ESSER funding for the 2022-2023 school year. ESSER is a one-time federal funding program intended to support school districts in meeting needs related to or caused by the effects of the COVID-19  pandemic. The full-day kindergarten program will be studied and evaluated to determine both the learning success of the students in the cohort and the cost of continuing the program tuition-free. Princeton City Schools remains committed to fiscal transparency and responsible management of funds while meeting the needs of students in the community. 

    The Board of Education at Princeton City School District is committed to empowering each student for college, career, and life success, starting with the youngest learners. 

    For additional information, please visit www.princetonschools.net.



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