The Student Services Department consists of many staff members offering many services to students.  The following are staff that provides services for students in the Princeton City School District.


    1. Special Education Coordinators
    2. School Psychologists
    3. Speech and Language Pathologists
    4. Occupational Therapists
    5. Physical Therapists
    6. Counselors – elementary, middle school counselors, and high school counselors
    7. School Nurses and a Health Aide
    8. District Attendance Officers
    9. District Parent Mentor
    10. Interpreters
    11. Intervention Specialists



    Below lists the student services programs that are provided to students in the Princeton City School District.


    1. Attendance Monitoring Services
    2. Behavioral Health Programs
    3. Anti-Bullying
    4. Early Entrance Testing Program
    5. Early Childhood Services – Preschool and Early Learning Initiative (Head Start or Princeton's own Early Childhood Education )
    6. English as a Second Language Services
    7. Health Services
    8. Hearing Impaired Services
    9. Homebound Instruction Services
    10. Home Schooling
    11. Kindergarten Entrance Screening
    12. Occupational Therapy Services
    13. Parenting Programs
    14. Physical Therapy Services
    15. School Psychological Services
    16. Special Education Services
    17. School Based Health Center
    18. Speech Language and Hearing Services
    19. Transition Services
    20. Social-Emotional Learning Supports