Princeton Scholarship Fund

  • If you believe…that the future of this nation depends upon its people…that these people must be the best…that to help them become the best, all Princeton students with ability and desire should have the opportunity to attend a college or university, then send your contribution to… the Princeton Scholarship Fund.
                                            -from a 1965 brochure on the Fund…


    During the 1962-1963 school year, a group of Princeton staff members and parents expressed concern that each year there were some Princeton High graduates who had the ability to attend college but lacked the finances necessary to pursue post-secondary education. Grounded in the belief that no obstacle should deny Princeton students the opportunity to pursue higher education, the Princeton Scholarship Board was established in 1962 and an advisory committee was also established to help raise the funds. 

    Today the Princeton Scholarship Board still manages the annual distribution of scholarship awards. An advisory committee at the high school screens the applications and presents their recommendations to the board. In its first year, the Princeton Scholarship Fund gave out 2 scholarships to Class of ’63 graduates.


    To date, scholarships totaling $698,500 have been awarded to over 1031 students.


    The Princeton Scholarship

    Awarded to a minimum of six students who plan to attend an accredited college.  The scholarship is based on the student’s high school record of courses, grades achieved, participation in extracurricular programs, and on the financial need of the student.  Award - $1,500.


    The Princeton Vocational Scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded to a minimum of one student who plans to attend a vocational or technical school.  The scholarship is based upon the student’s high school record and financial need. 


    The Princeton Scholarship Fund Board…

    also awards the Wehrman Scholarship (two per year) named for a longtime Princeton teacher, Kathryn Wehrman, the James W. Markwell Memorial Fund Scholarship (one per year), the Viking Dream Award (one scholarship per year for 4 years), and the Lance Corporal Christopher J. Dyer Memorial Scholarship (one scholarship per year for 4 years). These scholarships were established by the donors or the donor’s families and have their own criteria. 


    Criteria and application forms for these scholarships are available at the high school counselor's office.


    If you would like more information on individual scholarships or information on establishing a scholarship, please contact:

    Tom Burton, Superintendent

    3900 Cottingham Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

    or call 513.864.1005

    Make a Donation…

    Your tax deductible donation, made payable to the Princeton Scholarship Fund, may be sent to:

    Princeton Scholarship Fund
    3900 Cottingham Drive
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45241