• October 2, 2020

    Dear Princeton Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff, and Community Members:

    As you know, during the first nine weeks of school (the first quarter), Princeton City School District (PCSD) implemented a hybrid model of instruction and remote learning. The hybrid model rotates with cycles of Scarlet/Gray weeks, alternating in-person and at-home learning.  Our teachers are also working with the 2,366 students whose families selected full remote learning.

    As we look forward to the second quarter of school, we have been tracking data and key readiness indicators to determine when we can move from a hybrid model to a more traditional in-person learning environment.

    This data is constantly being reviewed with the goal of doing what is best for our students, staff, and community. Family, students, and staff needs are always taken into account. We must consider the physical health and safety of each person while ensuring high-quality instruction/learning, operational issues such as transportation and food services, and the social-emotional and mental health needs of our students, staff, and parents.

    At this time, we will start the second quarter of school continuing the hybrid model (Scarlet and Gray alternating weeks), with the understanding that if data continues to trend in a safe direction, Princeton will give our community a two-week notice before a full return to in-person learning for our Scarlet and Gray students.  If any changes do occur, families will have the option to choose to switch to full remote learning, if they prefer. Please keep in mind that anyone who has committed to full remote learning will continue with remote learning throughout the semester.

    After Fall Break (October 9-13), parents/guardians who selected full remote learning for FIRST SEMESTER ONLY will be asked to complete an intention form for how their student(s) will learn for the SECOND SEMESTER. We will be in contact with these families directly.

    Please keep in mind that the current start and end times for the school day will also remain the same through the second quarter (until December 18, 2020).

    If you have any questions, please contact me at 513-864-1000 or tburton@vikingmail.org.


    Tom Burton