Safety & Security

  • The Princeton City School District is committed to maintaining a safe environment. To this end, everyone in the school district is urged to help by reporting conditions that may pose a serious risk of injury or property damage. Do not assume that someone else will report observed concerns. Report them to one of the following departments.


    Safety and Risk Management -   513-864-1000  
    Facilities Management -    513-864-1100
    Security Department -    513-864-1512 
    Report a Safety Hazard

    Questions regarding unsafe conditions may be sent to:

    Princeton City School District
    3900 Cottingham Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45241
    513-771-0328 FAX

    Updates on Safety and Security Plan 

    It is the policy of Princeton City Schools to provide a safe and healthy environment for all faculty, employees, students, and visitors. The safety and health of our community are imperative in light of our desire for the highest possible quality of life at Princeton. Under no circumstances will district safety be ignored or diminished in importance in favor of other financial or cultural priorities. Safety and health issues in every facility will receive the highest priority, and all safety and health hazards that are discovered will be addressed and corrected without delay.