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  • Department Information

    The Department of Student Services coordinates specialized programs and services for approximately 5,600 students in the Princeton City School District. Maximizing each student's school experience is the goal of the department. Staff members within each division of Student Services have special training, which is required to assist in meeting the needs of identified students. In addition to offering special education services, the Department of Student Services provides a multitude of services:


    Philosophy of Student Services



    All children are “children first.”  Labels, often assigned to children, will be minimized in their importance • when general and special educators work together to develop and deliver curriculum • when all services, based upon individual need, are provided to a child in his/her natural environment • when planning with and for a learner always includes a discussion of transition.


    All children have the right to a wide variety of curricular options and supports (which may include specialist{s}) in order to realize individual success.


    All children should be supported by interventions that are collaboratively developed for the individual learner’s needs and for the purpose of enduring learner progress, not affixing blame or defining learner deficits.


    All children have the right to access instruction suited to their individual learning styles and delivered in their natural, age appropriate (or multi-age) community of learners.


    All children should be empowered with opportunities and skills to make decisions about and take responsibility for their own education.


    All children benefit from a collaborative approach •  that equally values and empowers teachers, family members and learners to behave as equal partners when planning and problem solving •  when each school community includes in it schedule, time for teachers, families and students to collaborate.


    All children experience greater success when their families are involved, thus, more needs to be done in each school community to meaningfully involve families in the full spectrum of the school culture.


    All children should have the opportunity to be educated in the community in which they live if their educational needs can be met.



    The Student Services Department consists of many staff members offering many services to students.  The following are staff that provides services for students in the Princeton City School District.


    1. Special Education Coordinators
    2. School Psychologists
    3. Speech Language Pathologists
    4. Counselors – middle school counselors; and high school counselors
    5. School Nurses and a Health Aide
    6. District Attendance Officers
    7. District Parent Mentor
    8. Behavioral Specialist
    9. Interpreters
    10. Intervention Specialists



    Below lists the student services programs that are provided to students in the Princeton City School District.


    1. Attendance Monitoring Services
    2. Chemical Abuse Prevention Programs 
    3. Bullying Initiative
    4. Early Entrance Testing Program
    5. Early Childhood Services – Preschool and Early Learning Initiative (Head Start or Princeton's own Early Childhood Education )
    6. English as a Second Language Services
    7. Health Services
    8. Homebound Tutoring Services
    9. Home Schooling
    10. Kindergarten Entrance Screening
    11. Occupational Therapy Services
    12. Parenting Programs
    13. Physical Therapy Services
    14. School Psychological Services
    15. Special Education Services
    16. Speech Language and Hearing Services
    17. Hearing Impaired Services
    18. Transition Services



Student Services Staff

  • Dr Mari Phillips

    Director of Special Education


    Mary Slaughter - Secretary
    (513)864-1088  - FAX


    Theresa Warren

    Special Education Coordinator


    Dawn Stallard

    Special Education Coordinator


    Marianne Freland - Secretary


    The District’s Parent Mentor provides family support to families of students with disabilities and to families whose children are suspected of having a disability.  The Parent Mentor services all district schools.


    Janet Maine - Parent Mentor