Department of Technology

  • Mission: The use of technology in the Princeton City Schools is to provide students access to technological tools that will enable them to thrive as productive life-long learners and citizens of integrity.  We strive to demonstrate kindness, respect, punctuality, and loyalty while providing expert technology service to the students and staff of the district.

    Princeton Technology Office is located on the bottom floor of the Princeton Administrative Center.


    3900 Cottingham Drive

    Cincinnati, OH 45241- 1616

    Help Desk:       (513)864-1162

    Help Desk Fax: (513)864-1087


    Technology Work Request: All work requested should be entered as a Technology Work Request.  This includes computer, printer, network, phone, TV/VCR/DVD, SmartBoard, and Security System repairs. Please call ProSource directly for copier repairs.  A red label is on the front of each ProSource copier with the phone and equipment ID number.


    Note:  Please do not detain technicians with requests - your work order will be handled more quickly if you enter it into our system!  Thanks.

Technology Staff