Principal's Page

  • November/December 2020


    I think the year 2020 has given us unprecedented opportunities to learn how to be grateful. 

    There are always things to be grateful for (even now), and gratitude reminds us how special, beautiful, and fortunate our lives are, even under stressful or hazardous conditions. November and December are the perfect opportunities to give thanks and figure out how to be grateful during the holiday season and a pandemic. 


    I am grateful for the time spent with family and friends. 


    Gratitude is a choice. You get to choose your thoughts and your focus; no matter what happens around us circumstantially, we are responsible for our thoughts. An attitude of gratitude is not based upon what is happening, or what is going well or what isn’t. Gratitude is based on a type of thinking. 


    I miss hugs. If I’m lucky to accidentally receive a hug during the day I’ve noticed that I hold on a little longer to show my gratitude. 


    As you commit to social distancing, it is important to not isolate yourself. Too often our connections are compromised because we become busy and distracted by all the demands of life. Slowing down is a gift – there are things from this season that we would not have otherwise experienced without this global crisis – and a slower, more simple life is one such gift. Increasing communication with loved ones increases your connection with the people most important to you. Life is complicated right now, but it has also never been quite so simple. People matter and we need one another. 


    Making a gratitude list can often be a quick pick-me-up in the dreary days of fall. Set a goal of listing 1 thing you are grateful for each day during the month of November. You will find little things that make you happy should not be taken for granted.


    Take a gratitude walk. The movement of a walk can help the brain and heart to work better. Each day the transition from work & school to home can be a good transition time to, for example, take a deep breath, look up to the sky, and commit to thinking of something in your life deserving of gratitude. 


    I am grateful for the gift of perspective and the reminder of what is important in life and what isn’t. 

    Perspective can change everything. 

    Choose gratitude over grumbling.