• Student Services

    At Princeton City Schools, school health offices are located in each school and staffed with Princeton
    licensed school nurses, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses or school health aides. School health
    services are provided to remove or minimize health-related barriers to learning, promote wellness, and
    help our students maintain a good state of health. Student health and safety are important to all of us at
    Princeton. Although parents have the basic responsibility for the health of their children, Princeton’s
    school health services and staff work to assist families and health care providers in promoting and
    maintaining wellness and readiness to learn.

    Our goals include the following:
    - Assist students with prescribed treatment and medication compliance including emergency
    medication, diabetes management, and Epi-pen administrations
    - Maintain accurate student health records
    - Provide health screening, referrals, and follow-up services
    - Maintain up-to-date information and referrals regarding communicable diseases and other student
    health records
    - Provide traditional school nurse services for students’ health screenings, vision screenings and
    hearing screenings
    - Make contacts and support students during the need for urgent or emergency health services, until
    the parent or EMS arrives on the scene
    - Facilitate consents for referrals to the Viking School Based Health Center
    - Work collaboratively with building staff in the identification, intervention, and follow-up of students
    at risk

    Our school health office staff provides screening programs, health counseling, and education,
    communicable disease control, first aid and safety, and family assistance.

    To support the health and wellness of our students, we ask that parents and guardians share
    information with our school health staff regarding student health history, serious illness, accidents, the
    presence of a fracture, the need for stitches, mental health issues, and additional screenings a student
    may need.


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