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  • All school districts in Ohio reporting gifted services to students must have a copy of the Written Education Plan (WEP) on file for each student served.

    The Written Education Plan (WEP) is defined in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15. Written Education Plans (WEPs) describe overarching, academic-related goals for gifted identified students.

    You and your student may receive a Written Education Plan because he or she:

     has been identified as gifted in one or more of the following areas: Superior
    Cognitive, Math, or Reading
     will be participating in differentiated instruction in designated class(es)
    which directly relates to the area(s) of gifted identification. At the high school
    level, the class/classes are usually designated as IB/AP/CCP or honors.

    The Written Education Plan documents your student’s gifted identification, receipt of advanced coursework and over-arching, academic-related goals for a designated course.

    The WEP also serves as documentation for out-of-district programming and/or post-high school offerings that request evidence of gifted identification.

     Upon receipt of the written education plan, via your email that is listed in progress book, please sign electronically.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at murban@vikingmail.org.

    At the close of each reporting period, your student’s progress related to the goal/s and objectives identified on the WEP are documented by the report card.

    Click here to view/print a copy of the WEP.