• Tenmarks- This site will allow your child to practice specific math skills that are related to the current classroom lessons. The students are working on specific skills in the classroom and complete each section with an assessment.  Your child can continue this work at home.
    xtramath-This site will allow your child additional math practice to enhance problem solving, computation and math fluency.  These are great skills to ensure mastery at each grade.  The problems correlate to the specific skills being taught at each grade level and students are able to work at their own level while showing mastery for skills that are pertinent to their grade level and learning level.
    Read Theory-This site provides additional practice in reading multiple texts and responding through the use of technology.  Your child will be able to read text at his/her level and begin enhancing comprehension, fluency and vocabulary.
    Study Island-This site will provide additional support and practice for the upcoming Ohio State Tests in reading and math.  This is a perfect place to better understand the state expectations and allow your child time to practice so that he/she is better prepared for these assessments.  This students use Study Island as an intervention within the school to gain greater awareness of reading and responding and stamina of text. 
    Discovery Education-This site includes information in Science and Social Studies and has many resources to expose your child to real life opportunities and experiences through the use of technology enhanced experiences.